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Perrey Reeves a.k.a. ‘Mrs. Ari’ Spotted In a Bikini Lookin’ MILF-licious

As much as the last few seasons of Entourage flat out sucked, we have to admit we kind of miss it. It's been a solid two years

In the Battle of Middle-Aged ‘Entourage’ Hotness Who You Got: Mrs. Ari or Dana Gordon?


I really wish Ari was banging Amanda


Vince and Ari, as Predicted, Hit Rock Bottom, but Did They Deserve It?

For the past two seasons of "Entourage," I've been trying to predict what Doug Elin and his writers have in store for

A 10-Track Weekend Playlist, Presented By Perrey Reeves in Last Sunday’s ‘Entourage’

Our friends at Hype Floats have put together a 10-song playlist to accompany your epic chay sessions and