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The Week 11 NFL Picks Will Have You Head-Butting People

The Colts continue to bury themselves in the first half and you have to figure it will bite them in the ass eventually. Last night

Who to Start and Sit in Week 2 of Fantasy Football

As has been the theme all week long, Week 1 was great, but there’s no need to overreact on what you saw. You shouldn’t be

Mr. T Scored from Center Ice During the Chicago Blackhawks Game

Mr. T brought his Mohawk and his positivity to the Chicago Blackhawks game last night. He also brought his surprising hockey skills.

The Week 17 NFL Picks, Plus Some Strong Opinions on EDM

Week 17 is the hardest week to handicap. There are those teams who have to bring it with playoff consequences on the line. There are

Who to Start and Sit in Week 15 of Fantasy Football

It’s not worth a big lead-in to this week’s fantasy football start and sit column. It’s the playoffs. These games matter. Need I say more?

The AFC Playoff Picture Will Bring an Exciting Final Three Weeks, Plus the Thursday Night Pick.

On Monday night, we saw the Patriots take the Texans to the woodshed in embarrassing fashion. The Texans still lead the conference by one game,

Three Cheers for The Holidays, Plus the Week 14 NFL Picks

The Holiday season is upon us and the schedule is really picking up. I'm not just talking about the NFL schedule, but your own holiday

Going Ugly Early for the Week 13 NFL Picks

“Go Ugly Early” is the official slogan of Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Purdue’s #1 alumni bar, but it might as well be the new slogan for

Who to Sit and Start in Week 13 of Fantasy Football

This is either the last or second-to-last week in your regular season, so lineup decisions are critically important. You don’t want to over-manage your team

The NFC Playoff Picture, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

The cream always rises to the top and that’s exactly what’s happening in the NFC right now. Eight teams are currently above .500 and only

The Top 15 Fantasy Football Waiver Pickups of the Week

The fantasy Gods came crashing down again this weekend with numerous injuries to star players. Willis McGahee won't be helping your fantasy team again this

Who to Sit and Start in Week 11 of Fantasy Football

It’s another barn burner of a Thursday night affair with as limited fantasy football options as you had in last week’s tie between Indianapolis and

Did Brandon Lloyd Really Jump Over That Car? Plus, the Week 10 NFL Picks

Two weeks ago, a 19-year-old kid from Florida tried to jump over a moving car to impress college football scouts for recruiting purposes. A look

Mr. T Travels Down to Georgia As He Serves Up the Week 9 NFL Picks

Back in July I wrote a piece about where my friends and I should travel on our annual college football road trip. As I mentioned

Who to Sit, Who to Start in Week 8 of Fantasy Football

It’s crunch time in the world of fantasy football and fantasy owners are facing tough decisions. Fans are getting nervous because it’s time to bench

5 NFL Head Coaches That Should Be Fired, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

It's amazing to me how NFL teams accept mediocrity from their head coaches. The NFL's salary cap and national TV deal makes it the most

Who to Sit and Start in Week 6 of Fantasy Football

I mentioned on Tuesday that I felt I had gotten screwed by the fantasy Gods. An unreported Jerome Simpson injury ended up being the difference

It’s Time for Mr. T’s NFL Power Rankings, Plus the Thursday Night NFL Pick

We’re five weeks into the NFL season, so it’s a perfect time to take a step back and evaluate where all the teams stand at

We’re Not Raising Arizona as We Bring You the Week 5 NFL Picks

I, like most people, watched last night’s game between St. Louis and Arizona. It wasn’t pretty. It was possibly one of the worst football games

Various Levels of Excitement Brings Us to the Week 4 NFL Picks

The NFL refs came back for last night’s game in Baltimore. There may have been a few questionable calls in the Ravens vs. Browns game,

Who to Sit and Start in Week 4 of Fantasy Football

The bye weeks are here, which really sucks. It's Week 4 and I for one am not ready to deal with it. Only two teams

12 Trade Targets in Fantasy Football

With three weeks in the books, it's probably time to start looking into the trade market. It's rare that a team is in such good

Mr. T’s Top Five Fantasy Football Waiver Pickups of the Week

Everyone's going crazy after their first weekend of fantasy football. Usually players emerge from Week 1 who cause insanity on the waiver wire, and while I'm not

Mr. T’s 2011 Mock NFL Draft: Will Cam Newton Go #1?

Today marks one of my five favorite sports days of the year, although it’s nowhere near how much fun it was a few years ago.

Mr. T’s Rise And Fire All-Stars: 5 Guys To Know for March Madness

Welcome to the first edition of the “Rise and Fire All-Stars,” in horror of the great Gus Johnson of course. This group of guys are

Week 1: With the Regular Season Finally Here, Three NFL Questions and a Saints-Vikings Preview

Editor's Note: Mr. T is back with another year of NFL picks (check out his Over/Unders from Tuesday here). You can follow along with Mr.