star wars day 2015

‘Star Wars’ Day 2015: Here Are 3 Really Messed Up Things About The Jedi


In the Star Wars universe, the Jedi represent everything that is right.


HOT DAMN! Megan Fox Is Dressed As A Sexy, Blonde School Girl On The Set Of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′

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The first photos of what Megan Fox will look like as April O'Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 are here.

White Castle

This Is What The Abandoned White Castle Restaurant From ‘Harold And Kumar’ Looks Like Today


Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was the first movie I can remember seeing where product placement was blatantly weaved throughout (for chrissakes, it’s in the title) and yet I didn’t care.


WARNING: Do NOT Watch This Marvel Universe Super Cut After Taking Viagra Or Your Manhood Might Explode

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We're only days away from 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' hitting American theaters and smashing every box office record known to man.

fast and furious

EVERY Metal-Crunching Car Crash From ‘Fast And Furious’ Franchise Is One Wild Ride


The Fast and the Furious debuted in 2001, and ever since then the fierce franchise has pushed the pedal to the metal and captivated audiences with seven heart-racing movies.

furious 7

The Stunt Crew For ‘Furious 7’ Is Reportedly PISSED That They Weren’t Included In The Film’s End Credits


Believe it or not, The Rock, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker don’t do 100% of their stunts.


This Is How Jake Gyllenhaal Went From 150 To 195 lbs. Of Pure Muscle For The Upcoming Movie ‘Southpaw’


2014’s Oscar nominated film Nightcrawler showed us Jake Gyllenhaal like we’ve never seen him before, and I’m not talking about the fact that he played a creepy sociopath who went out and maimed people for the sake of his career – I’m talking about how Gyllenhaal dropped from his usual 180 lb.


Are You Worthy Of Owning Paul Walker’s 1993 Toyota Supra From ‘The Fast And The Furious’?


Much like Excalibur could only be removed from the stone by Arthur, so too can only the purest of souls drive this modified 1993 Toyota Supra from the movie that sprung one of Hollywood's greatest franchises: 'The Fast and the Furious'.

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