furious 7

The Stunt Crew For ‘Furious 7’ Is Reportedly PISSED That They Weren’t Included In The Film’s End Credits


Believe it or not, The Rock, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker don’t do 100% of their stunts.


This Is How Jake Gyllenhaal Went From 150 To 195 lbs. Of Pure Muscle For The Upcoming Movie ‘Southpaw’


2014’s Oscar nominated film Nightcrawler showed us Jake Gyllenhaal like we’ve never seen him before, and I’m not talking about the fact that he played a creepy sociopath who went out and maimed people for the sake of his career – I’m talking about how Gyllenhaal dropped from his usual 180 lb.


Are You Worthy Of Owning Paul Walker’s 1993 Toyota Supra From ‘The Fast And The Furious’?


Much like Excalibur could only be removed from the stone by Arthur, so too can only the purest of souls drive this modified 1993 Toyota Supra from the movie that sprung one of Hollywood's greatest franchises: 'The Fast and the Furious'.


Check Out The First Teaser Trailer For ‘Batman V Superman’


Batman V Superman won’t come out for almost an entire year from now (it’s set to hit theaters on March 25, 2016), so if you’re an impatient person who gets fidgety at even the thought of waiting more than 20 minutes for the delivery pizza guy to get to your door, don’t watch this.

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Leaked Video: Dennis Quaid’s Epic On Set Meltdown – ‘I Have A Bunch Of Pussies Staring At Me!’


Dennis Quaid has had a tremendous thespian career, starring in huge Hollywood hits such as Wyatt Earp, Any Given Sunday, Traffic and The Day After Tomorrow.


The First Full-Length Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Gives Us Our First Look At His Arch-Nemesis, Yellowjacket


Up until this point we’ve had teaser trailer on teaser trailer for the upcoming Ant-Man film starring Paul Rudd; some were gags where the trailer was literally ant-sized, others were your typical teaser trailer where nothing’s given away plot-wise and you’re left wanting more.


A New ‘Entourage’ Trailer Just Dropped And I Wish Johnny Drama Was My Best Friend


Would anyone else saw off an arm, or at the very least a pinky toe, for Kevin Dillon to star in a Entourage spin-off as Johnny Drama.

american sniper

Coach Jim Harbaugh Saved The Day When The University Of Michigan Canceled A Screening Of ‘American Sniper’


A firestorm of controversy went down at the University of Michigan today, where a screening of American Sniper was canceled after a student group protested the movie.

chris pratt

Watch Chris Pratt Sing His Very Own ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song And Be Glad His Singing Career Didn’t Take Off


We should all consider ourselves lucky that Johnny Karate (from Parks & Rec, duh) never took off, because if it had we wouldn’t have this lovely performance from Chris Pratt where he sings his own lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme.

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Who Is The Better Pilot In ‘Top Gun’ — Maverick Or Iceman?

By | 13 Comments

A couple minutes ago, for no good reason, the BroBible editorial staff had an intense internal discussion over the movie Top Gun, as Bros do.

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