YES! A ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ TV Show Is Coming To Netflix And EVERYONE Is In It


The 2001  satirical comedy Wet Hot American Summer is one of my favorite movies of all time.


Did The Director For The Upcoming ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Reboot Just Leak Who’s On Its All-Female Cast?


Rumors have been flying around about who will be in the Ghostbusters 3 cast reboot for weeks, even months now without any confirmations from any involved parties.


Steven Spielberg Nearly Directed ‘American Sniper,’ Here’s How His Version Would Have Been Different


Before American Sniper dominated the box office and set January records by hauling in over $100 million and nominated for six Oscars it was almost a very different movie.


The 10 Most Useless Characters In Movie History

By | 4 Comments

Even the best movies can have moments that are uninspired and aggravating.

michael moore twitter

Michael Moore Says ‘Snipers Aren’t Heroes’ And Are Cowards

By | 2 Comments

Unfortunately the movie American Sniper has become quite politicized instead of just viewed as a great movie.


The ‘Get Hard’ Official Red Band Trailer Is Here


"When life gives you dick, you make Dickade" If this movie gives us nothing else besides that quote, I'm completely ok with that.

the big lebowski

7 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Lebowski’


From Donny's inability to be within his element; to rugs tying the room together; to nobody fucking with the Jesus; to constantly being reminded that life isn't like war in Vietnam, the The Big Lebowski is one of the most quotable movies of our generation.


6 Things Rom Com Guys Do That You Don’t And Why It’ll Always Get Them The Girl, According To A Girl

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I’m going to start this off by saying you don’t have to be that dude from The Notebook or Zac Effron in literally every single role he’s ever played.

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Here’s Every Big Movie Trailer For 2015 Mashed Up Into One Glorious Video


Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, Jupiter Ascending (which was supposed to come out last year), Fifty Shades of Grey, yep they're all here with obligatory references to Back to the Future 2, because, you know, 2015.

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Liam Neeson Prank Called Maggie Grace’s Ex-Boyfriend In His ‘Taken’ Character And It’s Fucking Terrific (w/Audio)


Team Coco Liam Neeson has been Maggie Grace's "Movie Dad" for about nine years and three Taken installments.

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