Will Smith

Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘After Earth’


I don't know why I even bother getting mad at M.

Ray Stevenson

Blazed Movie Review: ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because a cartoon fireman told me not to once.

Vin Diesel

New ‘Riddick’ teaser brings the ruckus


Vin Diesel's been a busy, busy boy lately.

Vince Vaughn

Miller Lite offers the ultimate internship


Working sucks, but if you have to do it, an internship for Miller Lite with three of your friends is probably the best way to go.

wreck it ralph

Live-action ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is quite brilliant


Disney's Wreck-It Ralph arrives on home video on March 5th, but if you don't like spending the money of the DVD, Blu-ray, or digital download, just watch the following.

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