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You’re Gonna Be Real Disappointed When You Find Out What Tom Cruise Will Fight in ‘Top Gun 2′

This is so stupid.

In Which ‘Groundhog Day’ Perfectly Explains the Internet

Courtesy of Redditor, monster_hugs, comes a spot-on explanation of today's Internet in the most awesome form: a scene from "Groundhog Day." 

‘Colorful’ Reax From the Hollywood Premiere of TED

On Thursday of last week, I attended the premiere of TED at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. As I’m sure you know by now,

Excuse Me While I Nerd Out About the ‘Anchorman’ Sequel

I saw “Anchorman” at a drive-in movie theater. Yes, those actually still existed in my neck of the woods in 2004. In the back of

Jay Z’s ‘99 Problems’ Recreated with Film Clips

When I see something like this, two emotions come to the surface. First, a sense of pride in what a driven human being with a

Is Jesse Heiman the World’s Greatest TV and Movie Extra?

True story: A few years ago I was an extra in a movie that's amazingly hitting theaters in April. It's called "Cougar Hunting" and, yes,

Every Single ‘You Look Like Sh*t’ in Movie History

Dear Hollywood screenwriters, I don't care if you're a multi-millionaire living in some Beverly Hills mansion who writes big budget blockbusters or struggling to pay the