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Watch the Trailer for ‘Gravity’

Alright, you've seen Real Space. Now, for Fake Space. Gravity is only director Alfonso Cuaron's fourth movie released in the last 12 years—he previously

Check Out This 3-Minute Trailer for the New Superman Flick ‘Man of Steel’

I've got a big summer movie preview dropping later today, so i'll keep my thoughts on Man of Steel saved 'till then. For now, though,

Check Out the First Trailer for Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’

Set to open in theaters November 21, "Life of Pi" is all set to be one of the biggest movies of the holiday season. It's

Here’s the First Trailer for the Upcoming ‘Judge Dredd’ Remake

The original film version of “Judge Dredd,” which came out in 1995, was a massive flop. But since it’s Hollywood and new ideas are impossible

Nick Nolte Co-Stars in the MMA-Inspired ‘Warrior’

He may not be reprising his famed roll as Pete Bell in a "Blue Chips" sequel but

New Red-Band Trailer for ‘Your Highness’ Features More Shots of Natalie Portman in a Thong

Back in November, my colleague AG enlightened all your peons with a greatest hits album of

With New Trailer, ‘Super 8’ Becomes the First Must-See Movie of Summer 2011

Super 8 Movie Trailer

Early prediction: "Super 8" will not only be the movie of the summer but also the first nominee for

VIDEO: ‘21st Century Hip-Hop’ Trailer Debuts

21st century hip-hop doc*mentary

Check out the exclusive BroBible trailer for "21st Century Hip-Hop," a doc*mentary by film students Kyle Allon and Christopher

Mel Gibson Plays a Crazy Man Who Talks Only Through a Puppet in ‘The Beaver’

Mel Gibson The Beaver

A couple years ago, a screenplay called "The Beaver" was making the rounds in Hollywood and got so much