Will Smith

Will Smith’s Attempt to Kick a Soccer Ball Didn’t Go Well


Will Smith was in London this weekend for the Champions League Final.

TV stars

Movie Stars on TV: Why big name actors are going to the small screen


Zooey Deschanel made you fall in love with her in 2003's wildly underrated Elf.


You Can Be the World’s Greatest Rocker, Athlete or Movie Star: Who Ya Got?


Today's question: You are born a genetically superior human being, with a choice given to you early in life: You can one day be the world's biggest rock star, Hollywood's most popular actor, or professional sports' most accomplished athlete.


Paramedics Rushed to Check on an Unresponsive Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the hospital after she was discovered unconscious in her Ritz-Carlton penthouse, according to KABC.

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