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Iconic Movie Scenes Ruined By ‘Yakety Sax’

The folks over at Mashable put together this wonderful collection a while ago, but I'm just seeing it now.

Here’s Our First Look at Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in Upcoming Film, ‘jOBS’

Kelso becomes a computer visionary. And it's...

Guess What Happens to James Bond in This Crazy Train Scene Clip from ‘Skyfall’?


A Hilarious Clip from ‘Ted’ Hits the Web

Truth: Sometimes weird, weird sh*t goes down when your dreams come true. On June 29, Marky Mark returns to the big screen with Mila Kunis

‘Look Who Decided to Show Up’ the SUPERCUT

Note to self: Never use the line "Look who finally decided to show up" if you ever finish that screen play you've been working on.

The World Through the Eyes of Cobra Kai Sensi John Kreese

Doesn't get more uproariously Bro than the Cobra Kai. Lead by sensei John Kreese, the dojo has been putting impoverished b*tches in body

Reminding People That ‘It’s the 90s” Supercut

This is a mash-up of all those moments in TV or film when someone says, "Come on, Gina, it's the 90s! Get your f*cking act

The 100 Greatest Shut Ups in Film History

There are a lot of classic movies and scenes in this 9-minute movie mash-up. You've got everything from "Dear Hunter" to "Step Brothers"

Movie Characters Screaming “No!” The Supercut

Hard to believe that they could only find 20 of these throughout movie history. I think someone didn't look hard enough.

A Woman Drinking Water in Space is Curiously Er*tic

Poor girls have it so rough. Guys are deviant perverts who equate everything to sex. However the smart women use this condition to

A Mash-Up of Movie Line Rhymes

Back to the well for yet another movie-related mash-up video. Unless something unbelievable comes walking through the door, I semi-promise that this will

100 Best Punches In Movie History

Jesus Christ, there are already a ton of these movie mash-ups surfacing this week. Clearly we think that we'd be remiss

50 Trippiest Drug Hallucinations in Movie History

"Road Trip," "The Big Lebowski," "Training Day," and "Euro Trip" are just some of the movies highlighted in 50 trippiest drug hallucinations ever

25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes In Movie History

Some or all of the dialogue during these movie scenes -- many of which are notoriously famous lines or moments -- are said

100 Greatest Movie Threats

From the same guy who brought the world Nicolas Cage: Losing his Sh*t, comes this latest foray into movie montages: The

Video: The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time

From the same guy who brought the world Nicolas Cage: Losing his Sh*t, comes this

LeBron Flops like A B*tch after D-Rose Doesn’t Touch Him

Lebron James can flop Derrick Rose under the table. But D. Rose can probably bang-out his mom, so we'll call it a draw.