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Guess What This Bro Shaved His Chest Hair Into?

This Bro's manscaping skills are on another level. 

Bro on Instagram Takes Epic Movember Selfies Modeled After Famous Celebrities

Now THIS is how you do Movemeber, Bros. Rather than just documenting your upper lip foliage with a selfie each day, Benjamin Judd posed for

South African Rugby Bro Wins Movember with Epic ‘Monkey’s Tail’ Mustache

BEST. MUSTACHE. EVER. This gem of a Bro-mo belongs to South African rugby player Mathew Turner. On a dare, he manicured his facial hair into what's called

Bro Sends Awesome Text to Naggy Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Want Him to Participate In No-Shave-November

There's nothing more annoying than having a naggy girlfriend complain about your God-given right as a man to grow facial hair during No-Shave November. This Bro

Goodbye Movember, Hello Decembeaver: Guess What Chicks Aren’t Shaving All Month Long

Well, looks like Movember has met it's cancer-awareness raising match. "Decembeaver is a month where we stop shaving our muffs for a whole month... for

Movember Comes to a Close with an Important PSA About Prostate Cancer

All good things must come to an end. Movember, we bid you adieu. 

Ron Swanson Has an Important Message About Movember

Anyone participating in Movember knows that, sometimes, it’s hard to have a moustache. There are instances when peach fuzz can really crush a buzz.

Here’s Brian Urlacher and His Movember Mustache Completing a Pick-Six Against the Titans

A Fu Manchu, no less. 

How to Grow a Moustache, By Nick Offerman

Ready to get your upper lip in shape for Movember and give a big ole' middle finger to prostate cancer? I am. There's nothing more

Our Bros of the Week Are Getting Kisses from Hooters Girls

J.Camm was out on the golf course on Friday when he would usually have been laboring over writing up the Bros of the Week, so

A Few Things You Need To Know About Mustaches and Movember

Folks: We're halfway through Movember. How's that stache looking? Bristly and man-tastic? Are you raising lots of money to give a firm middle finger to

Kicking Off Movember at the Official Launch Event of Moustache Season 2011

Last week, I swung by the official launch event of Moustache Season 2011 to officially kick off Movember. For anyone new to Movember, it's

The 36 Greatest Cartoon-Character Mustaches and Beards

It is difficult to come up ideas that haven't already done when it comes to glorifying facial hair in No Shave November or Movember. The

How Awesome is University of Vermont Basketball Player Evan Fjeld’s Mustache?

Moevember is but a hairsute memory at this point, but that's not diminishing our wild enthusiasm for a quality mustache. Former Los Angeles Laker Adam

VIDEO: Nick Swisher Shaves His Movember ‘Stache and Talks Yankee Baseball with BroBible

Nick Swisher is the f*cking man. He’s a switch-hitting All-Star and World Champion who grew a fu-man-chew for Movember to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Growing a Mustache the American Way: A Brief Exegesis of the American Mustache Circa 1965 to 2010

Editor's Note: In honor of Movember, Military Week, and prostate cancer awareness month, we invited our new friend Dr. Aaron Perlut at the American Mustache