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Mountain Biker Does Crazy Jump Over a Canyon

Professional mountain biker Brendan Fairclough strapped on a GoPro for his run down that canyon course at Red Bull Rampage 2013. The highlight is at

Mountain Biker Martyn Ashton Drops The Most Insane Trick Shot Video Of All Time

Holy. Crap. Mountain biker Martyn Ashton just dropped one of the most batshit trick shot videos ever made. In fact, it's safe to say this changes the

This Unbelievable Mountain Bike Backflip Is The Biggest In History

"Go big or go home" - Every person trying to do a flip on a mountain bike ever. 

Insane Video from the Red Bull Rampage, the Highest Level of Mountain Biking

Some of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world took to the steep, steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah recently for the Red Bull Rampage.

Andreu Lacondeguy’s New Mountain Biking Video Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

It's been something of a banner week for action sports videos that make you want to do something crazy with your life—or at least

Watch a Professional Mountain Biker Pull of a Double Backflip

Pretty sure he destroys his nuts on the spill at the 1:10 mark, but still, congrats Paul Basagoitia for being the first person

The 12 Best New Mountain Bikes for 2012

Ski season is pretty much done. Unless you live in Colorado or California and plan to catch closing weekends in spring slush, you’ve shifted

Probably the Most Insane Mountain Biking GoPro Ever

This is too insane/intense for words. It's without a doubt one of the best bike GoPro videos I've ever watched. Props to this

A Wonderful Video About a Jack Russell Terrier Named ‘Lily’ Chasing Her Owner On a Mountain Bike

The other day on an avenue in New York City, I saw some fool trying to walk a cat. It was a really

This Is What Freestyle Mountain Biking In Slow Motion Looks Like

The folks at Red Bull dropped this rather hypnotic video of their slopestyle team at 1,000 frames per second on a stop at

Just an Incredible Video of a Mountain Biker Getting His Rocks Off In Moab

No. Not like that. Another month, another fantastic video by the YouTube auteur of our time, devinsupertramp. His latest video captures

Hey, Let’s Watch A Mountain Biker Get Taken Out By an Antelope

Evan van der Spuy is a South African mountain biker who rides for Team Jeep South Africa. During a recent race at the

Listen to a British Mountain Biking Announcer Come to Hysterics In the Broadcast Booth

This media meltdown, which comes via Deadspin, belongs in a sports announcing hall of fame, somewhere. Announcers Rob Warner and Martin

Watch Austrian Mountainbiker Markus Stöckl Set a New Downhill Speed World Record

Markus Stöckl, the 36-year-old owner of the MS Evil Racing Team, recently set speed record on a a

VIDEO: Trailsurfing Down the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland

If you're shackled to a desk on this beautiful, bluebird spring day, there's nothing we can do to

British Cross Country Mountain Bikers Take a Spill Down a Hill

Cross country mountain biking isn't really a sport we tend to cover a lot here on BroBible, but