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I Dare You To Watch This And Then Invent Something More Belligerently Stupid Than The Motorcycle Swing


DudeBro With GoPro Riding Dirt Bike Gets Rear Ended, Winds Up on Roof of Other Car

Unfortunate, certainly.

Man Buried Astride His Motorcycle Inside Enormous Plexiglass Box, Riding Beloved Harley To Heaven

To each their own, I guess, but no. This is weird. 

Some Bikers Aren’t Getting Charged in New York Motorcycle Assault

The man who smashed Alexian Lien’s window after a chase down the West Side Highway will not be charged with a crime, according to the New

Biker from This Weekend’s New York City Incident Could Be Paralyzed for Life

Over the weekend, the Internet paid host to helmet-cam footage of a violent West Side Highway altercation between a group of motorcyclists and a driver of a

Watch a Range Rover Plow Through a Biker Gang, Then the Gang Assault the Driver

Some insane stuff went down on New York's busy West Side Highway this weekend, all captured by a disturbing GoPro video at the scene. A

INSANE VIDEO: Jack Nicklaus’ Grandson and FSU Tight End, Nick O’Leary, Survives Motorcycle Crash

Two months ago, on May 2nd, Nick O'Leary -- FSU's starting tight end and grandson to golf god Jack Nicklaus -- got in one of

Lane-Splitting Biker Gets Stared Down By Shia LaBeouf in Traffic

Lane-splitting is pretty much illegal everywhere in the United States except California. For some reason it's still perfectly legal in the Golden State. Just because

In Which a Guy on a Motorcycle Literally Drives His Bike Up the Asses of Two Dudes Riding Bicycles

Well sodomy by way of motorcycle certainly looks unpleasant. I mean, what the fuck was the guy on the motorcycle looking at? From our vantage

Guy Riding Motorcycle Hits Deer Dead On

F*ck suicidal deer. And f*ck deer in general. I hate 'em and I can't stand 'em! Bunch of selfish pricks that can't kill themselves without

Man on Fire Tries to Land His Motorcycle in Water, Hits Land Instead

Ghost Rider here must be terrible at physics. Overshot that water by good 20 ft. Lucky for him hitting land at top speeds is a

Ever Had that ‘I Should Buy a Motorcycle’ Moment?

Yesterday, while going through the motions of a typical Sunday hangover (waiting for breakfast delivery, watching Stanley Cup Playoff highlights and banging through Flipboard on

Stephen Colbert Captures Dirt Biker Popping Wheelies in Lincoln Tunnel

It takes a real American hero to spot a real American hero. Luckily for us, Stephen Colbert was on the scene of a heroic effort

Drifting a Motorcycle on a Frozen Lake In Sweden Looks FUN

This is one of those videos you watch and scratch your head afterwards wondering how Jorian Ponomareff -- the guy on the bike

Woah: The Winner Of the British Superbike Championship Was Decided By 0.006 Seconds

If I were to do a show of hands about how many of our readers cared about motorcycle racing or, in particular, the

Watch POV Footage of Brian Purdy’s Motorcycle Explosion During the 2011 Manx GP

This incredible footage from the Isle of Man's Man Grand Prix is one of the craziest, most amazing things you'll see today.  During

Check Out This Helmet Cam Footage of a Kawaski Ninja ZX-10 Lap at Nürburgring

If you're into bikes, this is going to melt your face off so hard that you'll need a spatula and a frying pan

Two Motorcycles Crash And Then Celebrate Together (Sort of)

Of all the improbable outcomes to a motorcycle wreck. After two racers crash, their motorcycles hook horns in such a fashion that the wheels are

Trailer for ‘Motorcycle Chang Pa,’ A Documentary About a Nine Month Himalayan Motorcycle Trip

Whether it's "The Motorcycle Diaries" or "Easy Rider," we get all kinds of amped up about a compelling motorcycle adventure flick. Thus, the trailer for