legalize marijuana

Morgan Freeman Is Passionate About Legalizing Weed: ‘I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!’


Maybe if the President of the United States and God says we should legalize marijuana than maybe we should definitely legalize marijuana.

frank caliendo

Frank Caliendo Read Alex Rodriguez’s Apology Letter As Morgan Freeman


In 2015, a story isn't officially important until comedian Frank Caliendo uses it as an excuse to bust out an impression on a sports program.

Morgan Freeman doppelganger

Asian Morgan Freeman is the doppelganger to top all doppelgangers


I get a lot of emails, a lot of readers telling me "this is the best thing I've ever seen" with a subsequent link to something that's not the best thing I've ever seen.

Morgan Freeman Tonight Show

Morgan Freeman sucking helium then talking will never not be funny


A couple of months ago we saw Morgan Freeman talking on helium and it slayed us.


Morgan Freeman speaking on Helium will warp your mind


Morgan Freeman is well known for having perhaps the most recognizable voice in all of Hollywood, so when he sucks down a balloon of helium and speaks the effect is a bit jarring.

the shawshank redemption

This iPad Finger Painting of Morgan Freeman’s Face Just Blew My GD Mind


If there is one thing more difficult for me to understand than how this goddamn masterpiece was made using a finger on an iPad it's Bitcoins.

Rob Ford

VINE: Morgan Freeman in ‘Lean on Me’ + Rob Ford saying he used crack cocaine


Here's Joe Clark bullying Rob Ford into admitting he used crack cocaine because INTERNET.

symphony of science

Neil deGrasse Tyson stars in ‘Monsters of the Cosmos’ song from Melody Sheep


Melody Sheep just released the next song, "Monsters of the Cosmos," in his Symphony of Science series, and it features appearances by science superhero Neil deGrasse Tyson and narrator extraordinaire Morgan Freeman.


Morgan Freeman talks twerking on CNN. No, really


Morgan Freeman claims he never heard of twerking until doing this segment this morning on CNN's Headline News.

Will Ferrell

The LEGO Movie is a real thing and has a new trailer


I'm not a numbers guy, but Lego might be the most successful toy of all time.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Fell Asleep While Being Interviewed, Because Morgan Freeman Don’t Care


At a certain point, stories about the soul-crushing boringness of press junket interviews will overshadow actual information that comes out of press junket interviews.


Morgan Freeman fell asleep on live TV


Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine appeared on a Seattle station to promote new movie Now You See Me.

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