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Ever Wonder What Morgan Freeman Would Sound Like If He Huffed Helium? Watch Jimmy Fallon Find Out

The only thing I ever really cared to know.

Morgan Freeman on Helium Is the Be All and End All

He still sounds fantastic.

This iPad Finger Painting of Morgan Freeman’s Face Just Blew My GD Mind

If there is one thing more difficult for me to understand than how this goddamn masterpiece was made using a finger on an iPad it's Bitcoins. If

Morgan Freeman Fell Asleep While Being Interviewed, Because Morgan Freeman Don’t Care

At a certain point, stories about the soul-crushing boringness of press junket interviews will overshadow actual information that comes out of press junket interviews. Remember

‘Last Vegas,’ with Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman, Is ‘The Hangover’ 40 Years Later

Not a bad idea--Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline have teamed up for 'Last Vegas,' a comedy about a group of old Bros

Sorry, George Stephanopoulos… That’s Bill Russell at the Inauguration, Not Morgan Freeman

Did you watch the Inauguration today? Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce sang! A poet read poetry! Barack Obama addressed the second term of his presidency with

Morgan Freeman Didn’t Give the Quote on the Sandy Hook Tragedy That’s Been Going Around Facebook

Anytime there's a tragedy, we tend to turn to our more respected voices to get their thoughts on why these awful things are happening. And

Comedian Impersonating Morgan Freeman Reads ‘Titty Sprinkles’ Photo

There's a photo of Morgan Freeman's face sitting beside some text that's been making the rounds around the Internet. The joke is that any time

Impressionist Does Haikus In Morgan Freeman’s Voice, Nails It

Impressionists are generally hit or miss. This guy is undoubtedly a hit.  [H/T: Viral Viral Videos]

This Kid’s Morgan Freeman Impression Is Spot-On

Probably one of the best Morgan Freeman impressions you'll ever watch, via Hot Clicks. Bravo. He's got Red from "Shawshank" down, but I'd