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Montreal Canadiens Say Milan Lucic Threatened Multiple Players During Postgame Handshake Line

Good sport.

The Montreal Canadiens Have Taken Pregame Introduction to a Whole New Level


This Is What Your Mouth Looks Like after Taking a Hockey Skate to the Face

It's gross.

First NHL Fight of the Year Featured a Brutal Injury

Hockey made its triumphant return last night, complete with a fist fight that left a player out cold on the ice. Hockey!

Everyone Was Invited to the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators Fight

There isn’t usually a tremendous amount of fighting in the NHL Playoffs, but the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens bucked that trend last night with

NHL Faceoffs Now Include Players Trying to Lick Each Other

Buffalo’s Steve Ott decided to gross everyone out last night by trying to lick Montreal’s Jeff Halpern before a faceoff. You don’t see that every

Someone Tossed a D*ldo Onto the Ice at the Montreal Canadiens Game

Some hockey fans toss fish onto the ice. Some hockey fans toss hats. And some hockey fans toss marital aids.