Mr. Monopoly Showed Up At A Jets-Steelers Tailgate, Performed A Classy Keg Stand


What we have here is a gentleman dressed as the Monopoly Man (or Rich Uncle Pennybags if you want to be technical) doing a keg stand before Sunday's Pittsburgh Steelers-New York Jets game.

monopoly pieces

Which Monopoly Piece Is Getting Voted Out Permanently? (And Which New Token Should Take Its Place?)


In one of the stranger promotions in history, Monopoly announced on its Facebook page today that eight of its original tokens have landed in jail.


They’re Making ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ Movies and JUST MAKE IT STOP


Look, we get it: When making blockbusters, Hollywood studios have found that they have to go with proven ideas—it's just too risky now to make a $150 million movie on an unproven screenplay, and it makes more sense to take something with a built-in audience, like, say, the Transformers toys or the game Battleship, and use that as a basis to make a big sci-fi movie.


Hasbro signs another movie deal


They're going to make a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie.

Omega Virus

8 of the sweetest board games from childhood


Do you remember how exciting it was every time you opened up that colorful box, rifled through its colorful contents and then laid it all out, ready to play.

Wii Fit

9 best-selling video games that aren’t all that good

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According to Roger Ebert, video games can never be art.

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