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Wild Herpes-Infected Monkeys Are on the Loose in Florida; We Repeat: HERPES MONKEYS

I published this by accident about 20 minutes ago when there was no text in the body. Just a close-up picture of a monkey with

Amazing Monkey Buys Himself Vending Machine Drink, in Most Compelling Footage You’ll See Today

This is like the beginning of Planet of the Apes.

A Special Tribute to 2 Brave Monkeys, Plus the Best Links of the Day

Ain't nothing wrong with a little monkey business. 

Start Your Day With This Video of a Monkey Riding a Dog at the Colts Game

It takes a special person to shakily tape something off television with their phone and upload it to YouTube. We’d all be lost without these

Monkey Wearing Fancy Coat and Diaper Gets Loose in Ikea, Poses For Great Pictures

My wife has made me go to Ikea several times and something this awesome has never come close to happening.