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Former Oakland A’s Pitcher Mark Mulder Watched ‘Moneyball’ for the First Time, Live-Tweeted All the Inaccuracies

Let's remember "Moneyball" with Mark Mulder, shall we?

‘Moneyball’ Author Michael Lewis Tells Princeton Grads ‘Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie’

Best-selling author ("Moneyball," "Liar's Poker") and Princeton alum, Michael Lewis, gave 2012's graduating class a commencement speech filled with sage advice, for life and your

Just Like Billy Beane, Pitt Hits Solid Double with ‘Moneyball’

Checked out "Moneyball" this weekend and thought I'd throw a quick, mini-review at you guys. For all the talk about how difficult it was to

‘Moneyball’ Trailer: How Billy Bean Changed the Way You Build a Team

If you've ever read the New York Times best seller, "Moneyball," you'd know why they cast Brad Pitt to play Oakland A's General Manager Billy