Jen Selter Allegedly Earns $50K Per Ass Shot


People say Jen Selter has a million dollar ass.

college football

Some Of The Most Valuable College Football Teams Actually Suck

By | 2 Comments

Forbes released its list of the most valuable college football programs in the nation and there's really not a lot of surprises.

finance bros

A 16-Year-Old In New Jersey Made $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks While In High School


If you're a business-minded Bro -- or, hell, just someone casually interesting in finance and how the markets work -- one of the best things you'll read on the Internet today is over at The Verge.


10 Things You Can Do For Money That Don’t Involve Actual Work


Chasing that paper would be an overstatement—any forward momentum was exhausted years ago.

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