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Trill, Pot Smoking Mother Thinks It’s Cool to Breastfeed Her Premature Baby

Bold stance.

What It’s Like to Raise a Bro, From One of Our Mothers

Mine, to be precise.

LeBron James Works Out in Akron Gym Next to Ordinary Moms

Oh, just a typical weekday morning at an Akron gym. Middle-aged women as far as the eye can see and – wait a minute here

The Very, Very Best of the Oblivious Suburban Mom Meme

Oh Oblivious Suburban Mom. You're so blissfully naive, yet you're such a model mother, always thinking that 16-inch glass bong is really an avande garte

7 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Mom About College During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is upon us and if you’re in college that means you’re back home for this joyous little break. Perhaps this is the time you

10 Things Every Guy’s Mom Forgets to Teach Him Before College

There are some things my mom is just better at than I am. Obviously driving, drinking beer and pissing standing up are not three of

This Youth Hockey Fight Featured One Very Worried Mother

A couple of “elite” youth hockey teams in Boston got into an on-ice skirmish during a recent game. That’s not news. One of the players’

Video: Possibly the Most Psychotic and Intense Cheerleading Mom Ever

Woah. This screaming cheerleading mom at a Louisiana state high school cheerleading competition is INTENSE. Perhaps even a little bit unsettling, given the

Hockey Mom Slept With Her Son’s Underage Teammates

Get a load of this haggard sl*t. My God, couldn't you slather on some makeup, lady? Maybe condition that stack of hay you call hair.