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Miranda Kerr’s Topless Instagram Photo Is Driving Me Crazy

Absolute perfection.

Bros, This SMOKING Hot Lingerie Model Just Made Her Own Dating Site So She Could Find A Boyfriend, Time To Sign Up

I think I'm in love.

The Belgian Fan With A Modeling Contract Who Hunts Animals? That Contract Just Got Canceled Over The Hunting Photos


That Belgian Fan Who Got A Modeling Contract From Cheering In The Stands? Yeah, She Kills African Animals Too

It must be a hot girl thing.

Watch The Airline Safety Video With Bikini Models That Was Pulled For Being ‘Too Sexy’ And ‘Offensive’

I personally don't see the problem here.

Hot Model in Swimsuit Eating Watermelon Is Strangely Erotic

The word 'juicy' comes to mind.

Luci Ford’s Instagram Account Should Come With a ‘Warning: Boner-Inducing’ Label

Because it induces boners.

This Hot Blonde Model/Former Penn State Girl Gives New Meaning to Girls with ‘Legs For Dayyyyyyyyys’

Bros, meet out model Brooke Banker’s who has 47-inch legs. She’s a former volleyball player at Penn State with a […]

Watch a Model Be Totally Transformed with Adobe Photoshop

What will ultimately replace humans? The Matrix's robots? Skynet? Alllliiiiens? How 'bout Photoshop!

No One Will Date Bar Refaeli for Some Reason

Bar Refaeli—ex-girlfriend of DiCaprio, friend to the overweight, one of the most beautiful women in the world—can't get a date. This is because the world

Rebecca Romijn Hand Bras Are Awesome

Supermodel Rebecca Romijn has made appearences in six SI Swimsuit Issues over the years, gaining notoriety for the ever-popular "hand-bra" pics. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Irina Ostroukhova Stars in the Hottest Video You’ll See Today

Our friends at Guyism have done it now: They've discovered this clip of South African model Irina Ostroukhova, doing... stuff to "Blurred Lines." It's a

Chrissy Teigen Narrowly Escapes Death As Skittles Waterfall Interrupts Photo Shoot

Two things we love working together in perfect harmony. It’s downright poetic. Money well spent, Skittles.

Introducing Model Mariya Vinogradova, Who You Need to Know

From the land of a seemingly limitless number of beautiful women, Israel, comes Mariya Vinogradova. The brahs at Brosome spotted her modeling Promise lingerie, and

Sara Sampaio Looks Just About Perfect in These New Bikini Shots

Sara Sampaio is a Portuguese goddess. But we've known this for months. A few new bikini shots, pulled from the good folks at Hot Clicks,

Model Leyla Ghobadi Claims Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian With Her In Atlantic City

Kanye West has a mistress scandal? Even if it's true, this sounds like some made-for-reality-TV bullshit. Yawn, I'm bored already. According to a "bombshell" exclusive by The

If You Want to Sleep With Kelly Brook, You’d Better Be an Astronaut

The last time I was at my parents’ house, I discovered that my 61-year-old father uses Axe body spray. I guess this commercial really got

Cougars, Models and a Sex Tape in this Week’s Hottie Index

Age is a funny thing sometimes. Sometimes women age well and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you feel like you’ll be arrested looking at some girl

14 Shots of the New and Smoking Hot Model Abigail Ratchford

The outgoing Abigail Ratchford hit us up yesterday with her modeling profilio, and, as you'll soon see, it was a no-brainer that we feature her today.

The 20 Hottest Plus-Sized Models

Ain't nothing wrong with a little thickness.

Cindy Crawford Still Looks Incredibly Hot

This was tweeted on New Year's Eve, and it looks like it comes from a Terry Richardson photo shoot. She is 46 years old. All

A Guide to the Psychotic Breakdown Tila Tequila Is Having on Facebook Right Now

Tila Tequila is a woman who gained considerable fame for posing nude and appearing in a "ground-breaking" reality dating show called "A Shot at Love."

Irina Shayk Bouncing Around in Skimpy Underwear is a Christmas Miracle

If Irina Shayk was the one trying to sell Clark Griswold lingerie, “Christmas Vacation” would have ended with him leaving his wife and family high

Model Does Photo Shoot Amid Hurricane Sandy Wreckage, People Shockingly Not Cool with It

Nana Gouvea just wanted to take a few photos in her home city of New York City. Unfortunately, it wasn't looking so great outside, what

‘Woman v. Workout’ Host Lauren Berlingeri Could Kick Your Ass, And Look Hot Doing It

Like many Bros out there, I have a long and complicated history with women’s workouts.

German Liquor Company Selling Booze Poured Over Naked Bodies of Models

A newly formed German liquor company has a distillation process that we don't think has been seen so far in the alcohol business—before being packaged

Attn. Ladies: Are You a Hot, Undiscovered Model Ready to Take On the World? Let Us Know!

We need model submissions! Are you a model looking to highly raise your profile by being featured on our site? Do you know someone who

Kelly Brook Has a Super Sexy Calendar for 2013, Which Also Features Days and Months of the Year

Something tells me this will sell. The fact that you could figure out the current month is really just an added bonus. 

Rachelle Goulding Is Here to Kickoff the Weekend Party!

Something about hot girls unzipping sweatshirts is just so damn sexy. Here's Ms. Goulding, a Canadian super-bombshell, posing courtesy of La Senza. 

Courtney Stodden Gets Rejected by Hugh Hef and Company

Courtney Stodden, who made waves by marrying actor Dough Hutchinson at age 16 (he was a youthful 51 at the time), recently became legal. After

Sexy Martha Hunt Shows Us What’s Up (11 Pics)

The undeniably sultry blonde, blue-eyed bombshell that is Martha Hunt has a knack for holding us at her mercy. She hasn't lost a step here,

20 Fiery Photos of Up-and-Coming Model Lisa Opie

A model, designer, and absolute hottie, Lisa Opie is a girl you need to have on your radar. Not only does she run a swimsuit

Fabiana Semprebom, Simply Delightful

Thankfully for everyone, Fabiana Semprebom isn't camera shy. Here's the Brazilian bombshell showing off her sexy frame in a new lingerie collection from Neiman Marcus. 

Kate Upton’s High School Yearbook Photos Have Hit the Web

Even though they are free of any and all cleavage, something tells me these pictures of a young Kate Upton, from her days at Holy

Herika Noronha is Ruining Our Productivity (8 pics)

Brazilian beauty Herika Noronha is tall, tan, and just generally fantastic. We’d have absolutely no problem learning Portuguese for her.

America’s Next Top Model To Air ‘College Edition’

You know that complete bombshell who every guy in the school somehow knows? You may see her on TV this fall, as CW's highly popular

Kate Upton is Wearing Next to Nothing in Yet Another Video

To quote a man that was once a king of comedy, "I'd eat the corn out of Kate Upton's sh*t...and I don't even like corn."

20 Hot Pics and a Conversation with Model Amanda Roadmen

We recently had the pleasure of making the acquaintance with hot Boston babe Amanda Roadmen, the first model in Hawaiian Tropic history to win

Bikini-Clad Women Eat Doughnuts, Spill Milk in Pioneering Car Commercial

Sex sells. That’s no secret. Most commercials come with the thinly veiled message that if you buy this product, hot women will sleep

Get to Know Hot Up-and-Coming Model Kayla Lyons

We always like it when a model writes in and asks us to feature them on the site. Alas, that's exactly what Kayla Lyons