You Can Actually Feel The Pain Of This Spinning Kick K.O. Deep Within Your Loins


If someone were to ask me to pull up a YouTube video to show them the very definition of pain, this spinning kick K.


SHOTS FIRED As Miesha Tate Says Ronda Rousey Has Some Super Nasty B.O.


The last time we checked in on UFC fighter Miesha Tate she was about to get her arm snapped in half for a second time at the hands of Ronda Rousey so I guess at this point she really has zero fucks to give.


First Photo Of CM Punk Training For UFC Reveal The Former Champ Is Looking A Little Small


Training with @RenerGracie @roynelsonmma & @CMPunk at @SyndicateMMA in Las Vegas.


Never Seen A ‘Usain Bolt’ Punch In MMA Before? Then You Need To Watch This Crazyass Knockout


Watch as during a Nemesis Fighting Alliance bout amateur fighter Nikko Glasper springs across the cage and lands a crazyass "Usain Bolt" punch on his opponent Tommy Sthair just 20 seconds into the first round and try not to say, "Holy shit, what was that.

war machine

War Machine Tweeted More Asinine Bullshit From Jail

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War Machine is back with another round of lengthy tweets he posted in the middle of the night, one being a creepy Halloween-themed poem and another he titled, "Guilty Until Proven Innocent 2.

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