This Might Be The Most Hilarious Self-Knockout In Mixed Martial Arts History


I don't even care that this happened a year ago and I have no idea who the fighters are, this might be the most incredible self-knockout I have ever seen in a mixed martial arts fight.


Here’s A Compilation Of MMA Fighters Getting Brutally Knocked Out After Taunting Their Opponents


There's nothing more satisfying than watching some douchebag MMA fighter that's trying show up his opponent in the cage get brutally knocked out.

ronda rousey

Dana White To Laila Ali On Fighting Ronda Rousey: ‘If She Wants It, She’ll Get It, Call Me’


In the last two weeks we've seen Laila Ali (undefeated in her boxing career) and a Houston Texans cheerleader who boxes, Antonieta Osuna, both say that they would have a shot at beating Ronda Rousey in a fight.

delusional people

Houston Texans Cheerleader Thinks She Might Be Able To Beat Ronda Rousey In A Fight


Granted, Houston Texans cheerleader Antonieta Osuna isn't just some random model, she's actually a decorated boxer, but people really need to stop saying that they think they can take Ronda Rousey in a fight.


‘Cyborg’ Justino Talked Major Trash On Ronda Rousey And It Involved Her Mom And Some Filthy Language

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Oh man, things just got REALLY interested in the world of female MMA fighters.


Stone Cold Steve Austin Thinks These Wrestlers Would Have Done Well In MMA And It’s Hard To Disagree


"The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin was a guest on Inside MMA with host Bas Rutten.

laila ali

Laila Ali Says She Could Beat Ronda Rousey: ‘No Woman Can Beat Me, Period’


Laila Ali was caught by a cameraman making her way out of LAX over the weekend when the topic of Ronda Rousey was brought up and whether or not Laila could beat her in a fight.

Phoenix Jones

Watch The Amazing Story Of Phoenix Jones, MMA Fighter Turned Real-Life Superhero


On Sunday, ESPN ran a Featured story that focused on mixed martial artist turned vigilante.

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