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You’re Gonna Wanna Watch This Old MMA Fight Between a 159 Pound and 600 Pound Man

Talk about a mismatch.

This Spinning Heel Kick Might be the Most Brutal Women’s MMA Knockout You Ever See

Christine Stanley could probably kick my ass. And that's makes me all sorts of hot in the pants.

BREAKING: War Machine Has Been Captured By Police Outside of LA

TMZ is reporting that wanted MMA fighter War Machine has been captured in a hotel outside Los Angeles.

I Strongly Disagree With The Celeb This Legendary MMA Master Said Would Make The Best MMA Fighter

Hint: It's not Frankie Muniz.

War Machine Once Tweeted a Threat to Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s hunt for War Machine is on and War Machine knows he’s enemy #1 for Dog. Let’s […]

Christy Mack Posts Absolutely Chilling Account, Pics of Violent Attack By MMA Fighter War Machine

Warning: This is gut-churning story about domestic violence that is tough to stomach.

Ronda Rousey? Floyd Mayweather Has No Idea Who That Dude Is

Sounds like a good fight.

Watch an MMA Fighter Tap Out So He Wouldn’t Keep Hurting His Opponent

When you see the title of a video like this, you might think—like me—that the MMA fighter in question was screwing with his opponent.

The Official Bellator 120 Drinking Game

Bellator is back! This weekend two of MMA's biggest legends -- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson against Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal -- will meet in the

Group MMA Fighting Looks Absolutely NUTS

It's like legalized street brawling.

Ranking the 11 Hottest MMA Fighters

Well, the ones NOT named Gina Carano, that is...

If You Thought Bryce Harper Was a Douche Before, Wait Until You See This Photo

Hmm. Is there anything in this above photo of Bryce Harper that isn't douchey?

MMA Fighter Doesn’t Seem Fazed By the Fact He No Longer Has a Nose

The photo above is cage fighter/permanent sinus infection sufferer Andy Eichholz. It was taken just after his fight this weekend against Wade Sauer. The fight

Can You Believe an MMA Fight Ended With a Dude Getting Kicked in the Head and Knocked Out?

In more primitive times, nomadic societies had only the spoken word to describe great battles of yore. As humans evolved, however, they identified a pressing

5 Things I Learned from Bellator 106, Where Alvarez Turned Chandler’s Face Into Raw Meat

I wasn't planning on losing my voice Saturday night. No one ever prepares for such a thing, but a few weeks ago—when planning my trip to Bellator

Bros… Live-Tweet Bellator 106 Chandler vs. Alvarez Tonight and Win Free @BroBible Gear!

Bros... Tonight BroBible's very own @brandonwenerd will be in Long Beach for Bellator 106. The marquee attraction this evening is the Bellator Lightweight Championship bout between Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez,

18 Pics of Super Hot Bellator Girl Courtney Prather

This Saturday The Chive's beautiful Bellator Girl, Courtney Prather,will be ringside starting at 9 PM ET on SPIKE TV. She looks.... HOT HOT HOT.... 

The Best MMA Body Shots Is the Most Brutal Thing You’ll Watch Today

Oh god, my kidneys. I think I'm peeing blood here. IT HURTS. IT HURTS.

Here’s an Brutal MMA Knockout From a Flying Kick

There is no better way to start a Monday morning than by watching someone else’s misery. With that in mind, here’s some poor bastard getting

Bro Gets Ridiculous Ronda Rousey Tattoo from Body Issue Picture

Portrait tattoos are notoriously tough to nail—you're using needles to accurately portray a face and body, and your canvas is an arm. So we shouldn't

Here’s a BRUTAL Head Kick Knockout for Ya

We don't really know the context of this knockout—it may have been filmed somewhere in Russia—but HOLY SHIT, it's good. That'll hurt in the morning.

MMA Fighter Danny Mainus Inspired Funniest Fight Commentary Ever

Danny Mainus is an MMA fighter currently competing in the RFA (Resurrection Fighting Alliance), which is a sort-of undeclared minor league for the UFC. He's

Sitting Down With Former MMA FIghter, ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Star and Super Babe, Gina Carano

Last Fall, the folks at Universal Studios sent BroBible out to London to visit the set of the 6th film in the Fast and Furious

Watch a UFC Fighter Roundhouse Kick the Sh*t Out of Some Eggs in Slow Motion

Those poor, poor eggs. They stood no chance once UFC lightweight contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis  decided to kick the sh*t out of them for a

OUCH: MMA Fighter ‘Fractures His Penis Bone’ During Sex

It's funny because there's no such thing as a "penis bone." But I digress... Still, he did fracture his penis. This sex injury sounds absolutely gruesome. 

13-Year-Old Boxing and MMA Prodigy, Known as ‘The Albanian Bear,’ Could Probably Kick My Ass

At only 13-years-old, Reshat Mati is already an accomplished kickboxer, muay thai fighter/grappler, and a United States National Silver Gloves boxing champion. At only 13-years-old,

Puking is a Sure-Fire Way to Lose an MMA Fight

I will admit that I am an MMA neophyte. Is this type of thing normal? Is that the draw? Do bulimics flock to the sport

The 20 Craziest MMA GIFs of All Time

The MMA is perfectly tailored for Bros. From the knockouts in the rings to the knockouts surrounding them, the sport is rife with stuff dudes

Sports Links For August 13: The Olympics Are Over Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today. 

Watch a One-Armed MMA Fighter Go Beast Mode and KO a Guy with Two Arms

The 26-year old was born with a left arm that stopped just past his elbow. That clearly hasn't hindered his MMA career. During this past

Female MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Wants to Beat the Crap Out of Kim Kardashian

Round of applause for Ronda Rousey, the current female Strikeforce bantamweight champion and ESPN Body Issue cover girl. On the ESPY red carpet the other evening, Rousey

In Anticipation of UFC 148, Chael Sonnen Talks About Thug Life in Suburban Portland

Tomorrow, July 7th, Chael Sonnen -- the self-proclaimed "Gangster from West Linn" -- will return to the cage for a rematch against UFC middleweight champion

Hey Bros: Win a Trip to L.A. to Train with an MMA Fighter, Courtesy of ‘Haywire’

This week, we have a SWEET giveaway for one lucky BroBible reader, courtesy of 'Haywire.' Think you have what it takes to learn how to

Two Girls, One Fight (Featuring Bikinis)

Behold the rich tapestry of life. The beautiful outdoors. A babbling brook. Two girls in bikinis going at it like a couple of

Why Does This MMA Fighter Have a Cat-Unicorn Tattoo?

Um, wild imagination? A self-confessed "Bronie"? Regardless, we want to hear your theories as to why Swedish mixed martial artist David Haggstrom of Glasgow has

53-Year-Old TKO’s 23-Year-Old in MMA Match

Watch this 53-year-old man lay a beating on a youngster after he shows up to watch a fight and is unexpectedly asked to

Watch the Inspiring OTL on Kyle Maynard, a Congenital Amputee Who Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

Quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard is an absolute inspiration and hero to many-a Bro. If you're not familiar with his story, check out my post from

Watch Edson Barboza Knock Terry Etim Out Cold with a Spectacular Kick to the Face

While Skip Bayless was watching his Golden Boy tumble from grace to the big, bad Patriots, UFC 142 was going down in Rio.

You’ll Want Gina Carano to Punch Your Face in After Seeing These Pics

I've never wanted someone to completely humiliate me by absolutely physically dominating me more than I'd Gina Carano to do so.

Watch a Swedish MMA Fighter TKO a Dude With a Somersault Kick

World, meet Swedish MMA fighter Marius Zaromskis. Earlier today he faced another Swede, Bruno Carvalho, in a promo fight in Stockholm. There's only