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Swaggy P Threw One of the Worst First Pitches You’ll Ever See

Juuuuust a bit outer space.

Josh Reddick Dressed Up as the Ultimate Warrior for an Interview


Little Kid Loves Souvenir Baseball More Than You’ve Ever Loved Anything


Carlos Gomez Admired a Triple, Leading to a Benches-Clearing Brawl and a Sucker Punch


A Squirrel Repeatedly Hijacked Last Night’s Phillies-Rockies Game (Video)

An adorable interruption.

Munenori Kawasaki Gave an Incredible Interview About His Progress with the English Language

Give Munenori Kawasaki a ton of credit.

The New York Yankees Turned a 5-4-3 Triple Play With Ease

Three party.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Have Adopted Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” Chant

They are family?

Travis Snider Took a Fly Ball Off the Face

Blooper rule.

ESPN’s Cameras Captured the Very Moment a Bunch of Phillies Bros Had Their Souls Crushed

Oh dear.

You’ve Never Seen a Baseball Game End Like This

What happened?

Bryce Harper Interviews Oblivious New Yorkers About Bryce Harper

Great disguise.

The Atlanta Braves Hate America

...Because they set the American flag on fire during their home opener.

Alcides Escobar Made a Ridiculous Over-the-Shoulder Catch


Bartolo Colon GIFs Will Never Stop Being Funny

When I was a kid, I went to an Orioles-Indians game and saw a 25-year-old Bartolo Colon pitch.

Cool Map Shows Which Is the Closest MLB Team Anywhere in the U.S.

What's the reach of the New York Yankees?

St. Louis Cardinals 1B Matt Adams Pushed a Fan, Got Flipped Off


Junior Lake Wore the Wrong Chicago Cubs Jersey Today

Not cursed.

Fan Goes For Foul Ball, Catches Concrete Instead

Ouch, babe.

Nolan Ryan’s First Pitch: Juuuust a Bit Outside

To be fair, control was never his strong suit.

Boston Red Sox Fan Tries to Troll Jacoby Ellsbury, Makes Herself Look Silly in the Process

Oh boy.

Carlos Gomez Sprinted Around the Bases After Homering Against the Braves — And Here’s Why


David Ortiz Takes Epic Selfie with President Obama During White House Visit

There are two things you need to see from today’s Boston Red Sox White House visit. 1.) David Ortiz’s selfie [...]

Los Angeles Angels Hitting Coach Don Baylor Broke His Leg Catching a Ceremonial First Pitch

Freak injury.

San Diego Padres Ballgirl Makes Terrific Catch

Nice snag.

Welp, Looks Like Bryce Harper Is Already in Midseason Form

And not in a good way.

Torii Hunter Wasted No Time Making the Season’s Worst Error


Here’s Our Official Opening Day Drinking Game

Best day of the year.

Miguel Cabrera and His Barber’s Reaction to the Ginormous Contract Was Weird


The White Sox Concession Options Will Be Out of Bounds with Bold Flavors This Season

The team now possesses no less than the greatest concession stand in baseball history.

New York Mets Twitter Account Nicknames Daisuke Matsuzaka “Dice-KKK”


This is What Aroldis Chapman’s Head Looks Like Now

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman took a line drive to his head Wednesday during a spring training game. He had [...]

Baseball Highlight of the Year? Minnesota Twins Mascot Caught a Baseball in His Mouth


Terribly Unfortunate Umpire Gets Nailed in Groin by Line Drive


The Brewers Just Signed Hank the Dog to Their Roster; They Are Your New World Series Favorites

HANK. Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee!

Carlos Beltran Painted His Face Like a Cheetah, Rode a Roller Coaster

Mr. October.

Hanley Ramirez Hid in Juan Uribe’s Locker, Tried to Give Him a Heart Attack

Wait for it ...

Father Abandons Child in Pursuit of Spring Training Baseball, Panic and Hilarity Ensue

What's really important in life?

San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum Swapped Jerseys With an Actual Giant


Ian Kinsler Calls Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels a “Sleazeball,” Hopes the Team Goes 0-162