This Might Be The Most Hilarious Self-Knockout In Mixed Martial Arts History


I don't even care that this happened a year ago and I have no idea who the fighters are, this might be the most incredible self-knockout I have ever seen in a mixed martial arts fight.


Here’s Two Bros Knocking Each Other Out With Simultaneous Kicks To The Nuts


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if two dudes knocked each other out at the same time via kicks to the junk.


Group MMA Fighting Looks Absolutely NUTS


It's like legalized street brawling.

xfc championship

Meanwhile This Weekend, a ONE-ARMED MAN Won the MMA XFC Championship


I'm not a big MMA guy, and I know that you MMA'ers are very protective about your sport, so my apologies if I show any ignorance here.

mma ko

Watch a One-Armed MMA Fighter Go Beast Mode and KO a Guy with Two Arms


The 26-year old was born with a left arm that stopped just past his elbow.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry gets badass in ‘Alex Cross’ trailer


This is such a weird movie I don't even know what to think about it.


‘Fight Church’ puts Jesus in the Octagon


How do mixed martial arts and religion go together.

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