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Mitt Romney Danced Gangnam Style, Is Incredibly Hip

In an alternate universe, Mitt Romney is president of these United States and not spending his free time pressing hot iron against his skin and

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Mitt Romney Ironing His Suit While Wearing It

This man was almost president. Go firmly in the direction of your dreams, kids. Almost anything is possible.

Presidential Election Outcome Causes a ‘Racially-Charged Incident’ at Hampden-Sydney College

First there was the alleged "riot" at Ole Miss with racial slurs, burning signs and students throwing rocks at cars. Now there are reports of an

10 Things to Do If Your Candidate Lost the Presidential Election

So last night may not have gone well for you if you voted for Mitt Romney. And today, you may still be sitting there in

‘America’s a Quick Drunk and an Easy Lay’: Stephen Colbert Responds to the Election Results

Well, the election is over. I have no idea what the results will mean for our country over the next clip of time, but I

The Final, Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Obama and Romney Should Be the End to the 2012 Campaign

Bad Lip Reading delivered some of the funniest political videos of the year. And while you could be filling your head with election results starting

Big Bird Has a Dance-Off with Mitt Romney Before Decking Him at Texas High School Half-Time Show

This is one of the stragest things I've ever watched. A recent halftime show at Beaumont Central Medical Magnet in Texas featured Mitt Romney in a

This Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Won’t Let You Vote for Barack Obama

Allegedly! As spotted at the tippy-top of Reddit today. Real? Fake? We'll see... Anyone else have voting issues today? Let us know in the comments.

Presenting the Most Extreme Political Ad of the Year

It’s 2012 and our attention spans have never been shorter. This is the obvious byproduct: A political ad so fragmented that it makes zero sense

Tomorrow Night’s South Park Episode is Called ‘Obama Wins!’

Don't shoot the messenger, but tomorrow night's South Park episode is called "Obama Wins!" I hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone. 

Here’s Our Official Election Day Results Drinking Game

It's the most important day in a democracy: Election Day! If you haven't cast your ballot yet, what the hell are you waiting for? After

Watch Jay-Z Perform ‘99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One’

Well, Fox News should have a field day with this one.

You Can Probably Guess Who Mr. Burns is Endorsing for President

It seems every celebrity is rushing to make their presidential endorsement. For the most part, we ignore these because, honestly, who cares who Paris Hilton

This Dude in Indiana Got Paid $15,000 for a Mitt Romney Tattoo

Everyone has to make a living somehow, right? 

Meat Loaf Performs Worst Rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ Next to a Mortified Mitt Romney

Goddamn it, Meatloaf. I’ve supported you through thick and thin because of your awesome name and CD art and this is how you repay me?

Jimmy Fallon Imagines What Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s Post-Debate Hangout Would Look Like

This should just about wrap up the parodies of the final debate—but luckily, it's a quality video.

Extremely Politically Incorrect Church Sign, Aimed at President Obama, Causes Uproar in Texas Town

A nice, healthy serving of WTF for the day. 

Watch Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Tell Jokes and Make Fun of Joe Biden at a Charity Dinner

We can all use a break from politics right about now, right? Last night both Presidential candidates took a night off the campaign trail to

‘Binders Full of Women’ is the Definitive Rap Song on Mitt Romney’s Strong Office Pimp Hand

Barack Obama got the coveted Jay-Z endorsement + viral video the other day, but methinks Mitt Romney could take advantage of this guy and really

Tagg Romney Wanted to ‘Take a Swing’ at Barack Obama for Calling His Dad a Liar

Tuesday night’s presidential debate was pretty contentious and entertaining. If Mitt Romney’s eldest son, Tagg, had his way, it would have spawned the greatest televised

10 Deep Thoughts Regarding the Presidential Race From Twitter’s @CockyMittRomney

Hello Americans. I'm Mitt Romney your next president. You know what I did this morning? I asked my servant, Miguel, to make me crushed orange

Introducing ‘Take the ‘R’ Train,’ A Pro-Romney Ballad That Perhaps Goes Too Far

OK, this takes a pretty interesting turn around the two-minute mark. At first it just seems like an older gentleman with pleasant facial hair singing

Here’s Our Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game, Town Hall Edition

Wahooo! It's another debate night, which means another evening of casual workday boozing infront of the TV. You slob! Before we get started, just ask

Hilarious ‘Obama for America’ Ad Praises Romney for Standing Up to the Evil Genius Known As Big Bird

"It's simple...We kill the Big Bird." 

‘The Daily Show’ Attempts to Remove the Liberal Propaganda from ‘Sesame Street’

For years now, "Sesame Street" has insiduously indoctrinated our country's youth, teaching them the philosophies of Mao, Lenin, and Marx under the guise of Cookie

Florida Man Dies After Winning Reptile Store’s Somehow-Existent Bug-Eating Contest

Siimy, yet satisfying? Too soon? 

Will ‘Mitt Romney Rap’ Change Anyone’s Minds on Election Day?

Not going to say a lot here, you can formulate your own opinions. This probably isn't going to sway anyone's voting choice on election day,

The Best of the ‘Fired Big Bird’ Meme

During last Wednesday's Presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney made it clear that if he's elected president, Big Bird may be in for some trouble.

Snoop Dogg Explains Why He’s Voting for Obama Not Romney on Instagram

Want to know why Snoop Dogg is voting for Barack Obama? It's pretty simple: According to his pro-con list that he threw up on Instagram, it's because

This Pic and This Pic Alone Explains Why Mitt Romney Kicked Obama’s Ass In the Debate Last Night

Powerful image here. The greatest "Friday Night Lights" reference of all time seems to explain why Romney dominated President Obama in the debates on Wednesday

50 Seconds of Mitt Romney Steamrolling Over Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer got a lot of crap for his job moderating the debate last night (the peanut gallery of Twitter was particuarly rough), but we

Great Questions: Who Wins if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Fight to the Death

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama traded verbal jabs in the first presidential debate last night. Unless you were playing our drinking game, your interest probably

Here’s Our Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Did you look at your calendar lately? It's October. That means the 2012 Presidential election is just a short five weeks away. Tonight kicks off

Mitt Romney Takes on Rick Santorum in this Funny Mortal Kombat Fight

Today, Slate started up a promising series that will animate the entire 2012 election in the style of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat, of course, being

Samuel L. Jackson and His Trusty Kangol Read a Profanity-Laced Anti-Romney Poem

So Samuel L. Jackson is a big 'ol Obama lover. Wants us all to wake the f*ck up and see how horrible Mitt Romney is.

Mitt Romney Thinks It’d be Neat if You Could Open Up Plane Windows

Who doesn’t want to pop those suckers open when you’re flying at 38,000 feet, the temperature outside is -100 degrees and the cabin is too

The Best of ‘RomCom2012,’ in Which Mitt Romney Gets Photoshopped Onto Romantic Comedy Posters

Tumblenation has been kind to us this week. First we had 'Smokin' Jay Cutler,' and now this undeniable winner. It appears that the fun is

SNL’s First Election Special Features Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney and ‘Fox and Friends’ Mockery

Maybe you missed it while your were thirsty Thursday boozing, but NBC aired a brand-new "SNL" election season special on Thursday evening. The timing counldn't

Watch What Happens When Homer Simpson Votes for Mitt Romney in Funny Simpsons Preview

For the premiere of its TWENTY FOURTH season, the Simpsons have decided to take a crack at the easily mockable United States Government. Despite the

The ‘Daily Show’ Responds to Romney’s Secret Recordings

Remember that thing Mitt Romney said at an orgy-loving hedge fund manager's private fundraiser that everyone just keeps talking about? With six weeks left until