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10 Confessions From Bros Who Have Made Serious Mistakes

Despite our perceived shamelessness, Bros make mistakes too.

Oof: Golf Course Apologizes After Offering 9/11 Special

For the third year in a row, Wisconsin's Tumbledown Trails offered a unique kind of post-Labor Day deal: Each September 11th, nine holes at the

Colorado Avalanche Announcer Calls Peter McNab, ‘Penis,’ Hilarity Ensues

It's not quite on the same level as Steve Levy's classic SportsCenter line "He's playing with a bulging dick," but Avalanche announcer Kyle Keef did

Little Chinese Boy Gets Head Stuck in Stone Balcony, Hundreds Laugh

You're an idiot when you're a kid. You eat boogers. You wildly fling yourself off staircases. You find yourself constantly getting in cars with strangers

Reporter’s Quest to Get High School Softball Stats Derailed by Coach’s Bullsh*t, Laziness

Louisiana’s Rayne Independent has a circulation of 3,600. It also has one sportswriter who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, standards be damned.