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Alison Brie Reads Craigslist Missed Connections In a Sexy Voice

We post a lot of interesting Craigslist Missed Connections around here. However, we've never posted a video of Alison Brie reading Missed Connections in

New Year’s Craigslist Missed Connection Involves Some Little Pee Play, Possible Love

This from America's heartland (Bloomington, Indiana):

NYC Bro Writes the Most Honest Craigslist Missed Connection You’ll Ever See

This is quite the piece of work. A beautiful, beautiful piece of work. I hope it all unfolds the way he describes it. 

4 Craigslist Missed Connections That Must Exist in Movies

Stay weird, Craigslist. 

Read a Long, Rambling Missed Connection By a Coconut Water-Drinking Columbia Student

Pretty sure I could have read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest in the same amount of time it took to read this massive missed connection