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Out for Blood: Hockey Fight Turns into Hockey Bite


Now THIS Is a Minor League Hockey Brawl

This brawl, from yesterday’s Portland Pirates-Adirondack Phantoms game, has everything you want in a minor league hockey fight. It comes […]

This Great Goalie Fight Came Out of Nowhere

I don't know if there is bad blood between the Norfolk Admirals and the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Penguins of the American Hockey League, because I don't closely follow the

Breaking Down an Epic 12-Minute Long Minor League Hockey Brawl

This lengthy fight comes courtesy of the Federal Hockey League (never heard of it? Me neither!) when the Danville Dashers played the Watertown Privateers.

Minor League Hockey Player Suffers Most Grotesque Injury to Face Imaginable

We need you to know that what you’re about to look at can’t be unseen and it’s only for BIG BOYS and BIG GIRLS who

Just When You Think This Canadian Minor League Hockey Fight Is Going to Suck, It Gets Good

Just another Friday night match-up in Canada's North East Senior Hockey League, eh? Not really. This past Friday things got downright gross in

Don’t Puck with My Beer: Out-of-Play Hockey Puck Lands in a Guy’s Beer at Minor League Hockey Game

In a way, this video is kind of like a shitty adult entertainmento: the money shot happens off-camera. It's still all kinds of awesome. A