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The Brooklyn Cyclones Will Wear Slime-Covered Nickelodeon Uniforms for ’90s Night

It will be a physical challenge.

Minor League Manager Famous for Clownish Tantrums Throws Clownish Tantrum

I think he's upset about something.

Minor Leaguer Channels Willie Mays, Makes Ridiculous Catch

Say hey.

This is the Wildest Baseball Brawl We’ve Seen in a Long Time

We got a brawl!

A Minor League Baseball GM Got a Prostate Exam During The 7th Inning Stretch Because Why Not

Legs weren't the only thing being stretched during the 7th inning.

Minor League Baseball Fans Were Pranked With a Terrible Giveaway

Go crazy for free crap time.

Fan Charges Mound at Minor League Baseball Game, Alcohol May Have Been a Factor

That's against the unwritten rules. And the written rules.

Minor League Baseball Player Loses Mind After Being Ejected, Slides into Home


Minor League Baseball Team to Sell ‘L’eggo My Eggo’ Burgers

The Battle Creek Bombers of the Northwoods League are looking to change the concessions game with their L'eggo My Eggo Burger.

Bill Murray’s Harry Caray Impression is Still On Point

Holy cow.

Tracy McGrady Pitched in a Minor League Baseball Game, It Went As You’d Expect

Not a quality start.

These Pink Camo Baseball Uniforms are Something


In Epic Prank, Jeff Francoeur’s Teammates Spent a Month Convincing Him a Teammate Was Deaf

This is a whole new level of pranking.

Kalamazoo Growlers to Wear a Jersey Made Up of Fans’ Selfies

Say cheesy.

Fresno Grizzlies Unveil Badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jerseys

Turtle Power.

Minor League Catcher Gets Blindsided By Runner, Does Not Get Up

That’s Brandon Douglas of the Erie SeaWolves running and Brian Jeroloman getting just fuckin’ crushed. The bone-jarring play happened during a playoff game, so perhaps

Minor League Manager Throws Major Fit, Sacrifices Tobacco to Home Plate

Don’t use smokeless tobacco, kids. It makes you go crazy.

Proposal At Minor League Baseball Game Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s a disagreement online over the nature of this proposal gone bad. You can find me firmly in the “fake as hell” camp.

Watch a Minor Leaguer Make an Incredible Catch, Slide Down 8 Stairs Into the Dugout

In an act usually associated with fails, minor leaguer Leonardo Reginatto makes one of the finer catches you'll see all year. And maybe something you've

Minor League Baseball Player Makes Insane Leaping Catch

Cedar Rapids Kernels centerfielder Byron Buxton made one hell of a big-league play last night. His leaping dive at full speed while going back on

The Toledo Mud Hens’ Chewbacca Jerseys are Unbelievable

Drop everything you’re doing and make plans to be in Toledo for the Mud Hens’ “Star Wars” celebration this weekend. Why? Because on Saturday, the

Minor League Baseball Team Boldy Introduces Urine-Controlled Video Games to Stadium Bathrooms

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs just became my favorite minor league baseball team with news they’ve installed hands-free urinal games in Coca-Cola Park’s bathrooms. It’s going

Insane Umpire Ejects Stadium ‘Music Guy’ for Playing Non-Lyrical Version of ‘Three Blind Mice’

Quite possibly the best thing I've seen in weeks. A minor league, home-plate umpire ejecting a stadium employee because he played "three blind mice" after

Minor League Baseball Manager Meltdowns Never Get Old

Joe Mikulik is a minor league baseball manager with the ability to throw a big-league tantrum. You probably remember him as the guy who dove

This is the Worst Possible Way to Lose a Baseball Game

This is a brutal way to lose a baseball game. It’s also a terribly stupid way to lose a baseball game. Watch closely because I

Bill Murray Dives on Tarp During Minor League Rain Delay, Is Chronically Awesome

Reason #4257 Bill Murray is The Man: Yesterday during the Charleston RiverDogs' rain delay, Murray entertained fans by using the infield tarp as a makeshift

These Angry, Profanity-Filled Wally Backman Speeches Never Get Old

Pretty sure we've posted every single one of these Wally Backman rants from the "Playing for Peanuts" documentary (see here, here, here, and

Sports Anchor Can’t Say ‘Tacoma’ to Save His Life

Stuttering can be a terrible affliction, but generally people who stammer aren't on the evening news like this fine gentleman who sounds like

Follow-Up: Kevin Costner Really, Really Sucks at Managing a Baseball Team

Once upon a time, Kevin Costner made classic movies about baseball. Chasing Dreams. Bull Durham. Field of Dreams. For Love of the Game. The Upside

Watch Minor League Manager Stubby Clapp Blow His Lid

Clapp hasn't quite perfected the art of berating an umpire. Yeah, he was ejected after his outburst -- following what he believed was his

Watch Green Man Make a Daring Escape at a Madison Mallards Game

Yesterday a man (we presume) in a full-bodied green man suit slipped over the right field fence and onto the Madison Mallards' field

Lake County Fielders Play-by-Play Announcer Qumar Zaman Quit His Job On-Air After Not Being Paid

The Lake County Fielders are a minor league team from Lake County, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Their claim to fame? Part-ownership by

Watch Lancaster Barnstormers’ Manager Butch Hobson Get Ejected and Give Away First Base

During Tuesday night's Atlantic League game in central Pennsylvania, Lancaster Barnstormers' manager Butch Hobson got in a tizzy over what he perceived as a blown

Red Sox and Yankees Minor League Teams Have a Bench-Clearing Brawl

Right now the Yankees have a lead against the Red Sox in the third game of a kinda melodramatic series at Yankees Stadium. But let's

VIDEO: Dad Snags Line-Drive Foul Ball With One Hand While Holding Daughter

Right here we have an early contender for Bro-Dad of the year. Reacting on sheer instinct, this dad at a minor league baseball game was

Wally Backman Gone Wild: Everyone’s Favorite Minor League Coach Goes Ballistic on an Umpire

Finally, some kindred soul has unearthed more footage of Wally Backman, everyone's favorite Mets-second-baseman-turned-minor-league-coach, going apeshit on an umpire. Backman's latest episode isn't quite as