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Minnesota Vikings Guard Josh Samuda Suffered a Nasty Ankle Injury

Good God.

Minnesota Vikings to Hire Cursing Legend Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer will be the next coach of the Minnesota Vikings, according to an ESPN report. Zimmer has been the Cincinnati Bengals' defensive coordinator since

The Detroit Lions Basically Gave Up on Life on This Play (GIF)

The Lions were eliminated from playoff contention last week and they have literally packed it in. 

Is Shocked Vikings Fan as Good as Shocked Alabama Fan?

Yesterday brought us the joy of shocked Alabama fan. 

The Bears’ Alshon Jeffery is Only Having One of the Best Receiving Days Ever

It started with an 80-yard catch and run that channeled Calvin Johnson.

White Boy Spin-O-Rama Alert! The Packers’ Scott Tolzien Goes Vintage RG3 on This Touchdown Run (GIF)

Look at this spin move the Packers' Scott Tolzien busts out. 

We Pledge to Deliver the Week 9 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Please wait until the beep to leave a voicemail for Jonathan Martin… 

Scott Van Pelt Confirmed the Giants-Vikings Game Was a Waste of Your Time

Last night’s Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants game was an absolute stinker. I was there in person to witness each and every terrible Josh Freeman pass.

Here’s Adrian Peterson’s Heartfelt Text Explaining Why He’s Playing Today

Adrian Peterson is playing through heartbreak today. The Minnesota Vikings running back’s two-year-old son died Friday after being beaten. Peterson explained his decision to play

Adrian Peterson Is Not Mortal, Starts the Season with a 78-Yard Touchdown

Adrian Peterson is not human. To the glee of fantasy owners everywhere, on his first carry of the season, AP charged out of the gates

This Is What It Looks Like to Be Adrian Peterson

Chris Kluwe and now Adrian Peterson have made you wish for the impossible: A time machine—possibly built like a streamlined version of John Madden's bus—that'll

You Simply Must See Greg Jennings’ Golfing Pants

Told you so.

The Minnesota Vikings Release of Fly Through Video of Their New Stadium Design, It’s SEXY

Architectural Digest here we come! It's not a a traditional bowl or a circle at all, like most sports stadiums. Instead, it zigs and it

Jared Allen’s Mullet Has Returned

Jared Allen is bringing sexy back. The Minnesota Vikings defensive end became famous for his incredible mullet and sacking skills before abandoning his look in

Report: Percy Harvin Headed to the Seattle Seahawks

Well, here’s an NFL blockbuster to spice up a boring March Monday.

Punter Chris Kluwe Wrote a Hilarious Log of His Typical Practice Day and Went on ‘Colbert’ Yesterday

Yesterday, Christ Kluwe posted a blog on a video game-tester website, Trenches Comic, a place where testers go to share their individual stories of being

Adrian Peterson Led the Vikings Into the Playoffs With This Incredibly Clutch Run

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson needed 208 yards yesterday to break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. It was a tall order.

How Do the Minnesota Vikings End Practice? With a Breakdancing Circle, Of Course

Talk about kickin' it old school. Hope they don't let AP join in these shenanigans. With the 32nd ranked passing attack in the NFL (the

Adrian Peterson Continues to Break Off Ridiculously Long Touchdown Runs

This is insane. Adrian Peterson’s ACL blew up like the Death Star last Christmas and yet he’s out there dominating.

Watch a Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Get Owned by Police at Minnesota Vikings Game

Minnesota Vikings fans had a rough go of it last Thursday. Their beloved purple-and-yellow guys got trounced by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on national television.

Check Out Percy Harvin Return a Kickoff 105 Yards, Plus Other Week Four Highlights

Percy Harvin is a god.

Vikings DE Brian Robinson Kicks T.J. Lang in the Nuts

If you're going to get a 15-yard penalty, than you had better make it count. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robinson was quite

Watch the Roof of the MetroDome Inflate in 90 Seconds

Remember when this happened to the roof of Huber H. Humphrey Metrodome? Sucked for Vikings fans. This morning a new roof was reinflated.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Says ‘We’re Becoming a Nation of Wussies’ and He’s Absolutely Right

Almost 24-hours later, I'm still fuming that last night's Eagles/Vikings game was postponed until tomorrow night over a little bit of snow (just over a

Here’s a Video of the Metrodome Roof Collapsing

Between four and five a.m. this morning, the Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapsed under 17-plus inches of snow. Thanks to the massive blizzard and a

VIDEO: Drunk Redskins Fans Brawl in the Bleachers of FedEx Field

This afternoon some cannibalistic douche from Pittsburgh (which is not my hometown, to those who ask) had the balls to send me this e-mail: Joe PA,   What