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The Minnesota Twins Teamed Up for Unconventional Web Gem


You’ve Never Seen a Baseball Game End Like This

What happened?

Baseball Highlight of the Year? Minnesota Twins Mascot Caught a Baseball in His Mouth


Minnesota Twins Pitcher Mike Pelfrey is a Motor-Boating Son of a Bitch

From the brilliant mind of screen-grabbing legend CJZero comes this life-altering GIF of the Minnesota Twins pitcher just going for it in between pitches.

Minnesota Twins Win Prank Contest With Fake Suckerpunch

Prank videos have become ubiquitous in the recent months. But perhaps the amateurs should leave the pranking up to professionals. Or professional baseball players.

Aaron Hicks Makes Slick Leaping Catch Against Wall to Save Game, Pays the Price in Pain

Minnesota Twins outfielder Aaron Hicks hasn’t torn the circuit up with his bat, but he’s more than made up for it with his glove. All

Minnesota Twins Ball Boy Makes Incredible Catch

It’s only fair that, after years of posting ball boy and ball girl fails, we show you an example of one excelling at their job.

Four Walk-Off Wins in Major League Baseball Last Night; Here are All of Them

Baseball kicked into full swing yesterday as four teams won via a walk-off hit.

Check Out This Incredibly Scary Lightning Strike During the Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins Game

Major League Baseball players may have fame, money, and their pick of women, but deep down, they’re a lot like us. The Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins