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Minnesotans Are Too Nice to Burn Kevin Love’s Jersey

Salt of the earth people.

What Two Guys on the Timberwolves Got Blowjobs From a Hooker Named Candy Deepthroat This Weekend?

Candy Deepthroat is back.

Ricky Rubio Played Catch With a Little Girl, Melted Hearts

With his Minnesota Timberwolves up by 23 points over the Utah Jazz late in last night's game, Ricky Rubio was understandably bored. He chose to

Minnesota Timberwolves Radio Announcer Loses His Shit

The great part about being a local announcer is that you can openly root for one team. That type of shit would never fly at

Ricky Rubio Dribbles Behind His Back Twice While Driving for Layup

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio is a real riot, you guys. He plays the game differently than most of the NBA. Case in point:

If You’re Sick of the Harlem Shake, You Will Love This Video

What is otherwise called "completely beating something into the ground." 

Ricky Rubio Goes Behind the Back on Drive Just for the Hell of It

Did Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio really have to go behind the back on this drive to the hoop against Detroit last night?

The Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Hazing Includes Dance-Off

Hazing is alive and well as Timberwolves rookies, Derrick Williams, Malcolm Lee, and Ricky Rubio, are forced to have a dance off after

Two NBA Players Involved in Physical Altercations, Including Shoving a Fan in the Face

Many thought NFL players would get into trouble during their lockout, but maybe it's the NBA players who are getting up to no