Why Is This Dumbass Chick Swimming With A Selfie Stick, And Why Is She So Terrified Of Manatees?


There are so many things wrong with this chick swimming with a selfie stick and losing it over a manatee that I don't even know where to begin.


Knig Of Bears? 40% Of Americans Can’t Even Spell ‘Budweiser’ Correctly

By | 6 Comments

Hey Budweiser, can you truly call yourself the 'King of Beers' when a reported 40% of Americans cannot even spell your name correctly.


New Study Claims American Millennials Are The Most Useless Population In The World

By | 2 Comments

A new study seeking to measure the overall competency of age groups throughout the globe has found that American Millennials are without a doubt the least skilled population in the world.


63% of Millennial Republicans Want Pot Legalized vs. 30% Of Baby Boomers: Who Will Win The Battle For Weed?

By | 5 Comments

There is a deep schism ready to ready to break apart the Republican Party from within when it comes to the legalization of marijuana.


This ‘Gym For Millennials’ Parody Would Make Bank If It Were Real


This parody video hilariously portraying a fictional gym "with millennials in mind" will probably be a reality in less than two years.

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