63% of Millennial Republicans Want Pot Legalized vs. 30% Of Baby Boomers: Who Will Win The Battle For Weed?

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There is a deep schism ready to ready to break apart the Republican Party from within when it comes to the legalization of marijuana.


This ‘Gym For Millennials’ Parody Would Make Bank If It Were Real


This parody video hilariously portraying a fictional gym "with millennials in mind" will probably be a reality in less than two years.


Watch A Bunch Of Millennials Try (And Fail Miserably) To Give The ‘Birds And The Bees’ Talk For The First Time


Most millennials think that the “birds and the bees” talk is outdated; why verbally tell your kids how to have sex when they’re just going to find out from their more depraved classmates on the school bus sometime between 5th and 8th grade.


Budweiser Thinks Millennials Can Save The King Of Beers

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Budweiser will NEVER relinquish its title as the 'King of Beers' no matter the state of the market.


Bill Maher Has An Epic Rant On Why Millennials Suck And Should Be Called ‘Generation Ass’ For Worshiping Booty


Bill Maher is pretty damn good at putting a topic on blast on his weekly HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

picking up chicks

The Homeless, Drunk NYC Millennial Who Sleeps With Girls Every Night Explains His Ways To ‘Dr. Phil’

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Back in mid-September, we posted Elite Daily's shocking documentary about a homeless 20-something living in New York City who more or less survives by picking up girls every night.

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