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D.C. Is Hosting a Week Celebrating Millennials and I Couldn’t Finish This Headline Because I Hung Myself


A Plane Skidded Off the Runway in Philadelphia and of Course a Millennial Was There to Take a Selfie

Because no how else will you get faves on Twitter?

What America Can’t Admit About the ‘Millennial’ Generation

Everything you've ever wanted to know about OUR generation, including why older generations seem to simultaneously fear and hate us, why a generation of people who

Millennials Apologize for Sucking So Much

Yep, it's all our fault. 

But seriously: Anyone who thinks the current generation of young people "sucks" just because they like to text and take selfies

5 Truths About Millennials

There’s been a lot of commentary on millennials. I guess you could say we’re a controversial bunch. We’ve been called lazy, selfish, entitled, rude…really, the

How Funny Is It When People from High School Decline? Plus, Is Ryan Lochte the Quintessential Bro?

Welcome to episode 3 of the BroBible Podcast. This week, senior editor Brandon Wenerd (@brandonwenerd) joins host J Camm

Here are the ‘10 Things Millennials Won’t Tell You,’ According to the Wall Street Journal

Articles on the internet are a pretty big fan of millennials. Diehards, you can say. Here, the Wall Street

10 Biggest Questions Millennials Asked the Internet This Week

Our friends at Yahoo just sent me a list of the 10 answers Millenials are seaching for on the Internet this week. Allow me

Are We Giving Up On Our Dreams Too Early? (Sh*t That’s Happening)

If you’ve ever read Justin Halpern’s best-selling book “Sh*t My Dad Says,” you’ll know that as much as Sam Halpern defies all definitions