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This Personal Trainer Drinks A DISGUSTING Amount Of Breast Milk A Week, Claims It’s ‘Like Steroids’


At no point in any of our meaningless and stupid lives should we ever so desperate for anything that drinking breast milk seems like a good idea.


The Outcome Of Mixing Coca-Cola With Milk Just Blew My Damn Mind

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Do you know what happens when you pour milk into Coca-Cola and then wait an hour.


This Insane Boob-Centric Milk Commercial Is Germany At Its WTF Finest


German dairy company Plain Milch would not probably not be allowed to air this milk commercial during the Super Bowl because of the massive amount of boob shown, but if it could it would be the talk of every office in America the next day.

stringer bell

Idris Elba (Stringer Bell) Is Officially a Rapper


Here's actor Idris Elba--known primarily for being The Wire's most scholarly drug dealer--belting out some decidedly British sh*t on The Milk's "Picking Up the Pieces.

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