5 Things You Should Know About Getting Out Of The Military Before You Get Into The Military


I am still on active duty, and will remain in that status for a LONG time, but I have many friends that have been discharged from the service (some on their own terms and some that were kicked out) and I thought it would be good to know what exactly you need to think about before you make that transition from military to civilian life.

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WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban

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Before you press play on this video, think about where you are currently and what you're doing right now.


This Video Of ‘Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers’ Is Further Proof Felines Are Cold And Soulless


Cats are about as American as borscht and caviar, and they have the emotional range of Vladimir Putin.


This HD POV Footage Of An Abrams Tank Firing Will Give You A Throbbing Freedom Boner


If you don't already follow it, the YouTube channel FUNKER530 does some INCREDIBLE work when it comes to military videos.


The World’s Deadliest Sniper Is NOT Chris Kyle, But This Royal Marine With 173 Confirmed Kills And 90 In Only One Day

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American Sniper While Chris Kyle was the deadliest sniper in United States history, that doesn’t mean that he holds the record for most confirmed kills in the entire world.


As If We Weren’t Already Badass Enough, A ‘Universal Soldier’ Powered By Exoskeleton Will Soon Be A Reality


The United States possesses the most powerful and advanced military the world has ever known, and it is constantly pushing the technological boundaries in order to stay on top.

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