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16 Great American Soldier-Inspired Songs

There are probably hundreds of patriotic songs that praise soldiers, discuss battle, or protest wars. The messages told through these songs can be blatant or

30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Every Bro Needs to Know About

Allow us to wave the flag for a moment: America is an amazing place. The list of intangibles that we love about our country is

Check Out Rutgers Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Helmet For This Weekend’s Game Against Army

This upcoming Saturday at Yankee Stadium, Rutgers will take on Army. Since Veterns Day is on Friday, they'll be wearing these awesome patriotic helmets. But,

VIDEO: Pearl Harbor Survivors Return to the USS Arizona Memorial to Honor Their Fallen Brothers

Today, December 7, 2010, marks the 69th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I'm sure many

‘60 Minutes’ Segment on SSG Giunta’s Medal of Honor-Winning Actions Reveals Humble, ‘Average’ Hero

Giunta 60 Minutes

During Military Week last week, we mentioned on several occasions Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta,

Honoring the Service of Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, American Hero and Medal of Honor Recipient

Editor's Note: BroBible's Military Week is coming to a close. Shout out to the

10 Extraordinary Post-Service Achievements by American Veterans

Chesley Sullenberger

Military WeekMany American military veterans have gone on

At 86, ‘Band of Brothers’ Veteran Bill Guarnere Can Still Kick Your Ass

Bill Guarnere

60 Great Movies About American Soldiers


Anytime someone asks me to do just about anything for the military — be it an article, a charity donation, or 100 push-ups — I

Three Awesome Videos to Celebrate the United States Marine Corp’s 235th Birthday

USMC Birthdahy

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day,

Liquid Flow Offers Special Military Week Deal, Will Donate to Wounded Warriors Project

Liquid Flow

Military WeekWhen our friends

30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterns You Need to Know About—Part 2

Staff Sergeant William H. Pitsenbarger

Conflict: Vietnam War

This heroic Air Force Pararescueman and