stolen valor

Drunk Guy Says He’s A Navy SEAL Outside A Bar, Gets Called Out HARD By Three Army Rangers

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This is what happens when you get called out on your lies by the wrong people.

military bros

WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban

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Before you press play on this video, think about where you are currently and what you're doing right now.


This HD POV Footage Of An Abrams Tank Firing Will Give You A Throbbing Freedom Boner


If you don't already follow it, the YouTube channel FUNKER530 does some INCREDIBLE work when it comes to military videos.

fighter jets

Campers In Death Valley Start Freaking Out When An F-18 Starts Doing A Flyover And Messing With Them

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Honestly, if I was camping in the middle of the secluded desert and a fighter jet started doing this, I'd be freaking out to.

fighter pilots

Is The Sound Of F-18 Fighter Jets Music To Your Ears? Then Watch This Video With The Volume Way Up…


A few years back, a fighter pilot buddy of mine described what it's like to land on an aircraft carrier vs.

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