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Bros…. BROS… Mila Kunis Is Knocked Up

Well... Here's news. Every Bro's supercrush Mila Kunis is also expecting a baby.

You’ll Never Believe How Hot Megan Fox Is Just Weeks After Having Her Second Kid

Megan Fox is a name you probably haven't thought about in a quite a while. However, she's back on our radar looking MILF-tastic just a

The Top 8 Reasons MILFs and Cougars are Better Than Younger Girls, According to Ben Franklin

Fact: Ben Franklin was a Bro King. Not only did he found the gnarlest Ivy League school and call the greatest city in the country, Philadelphia, home, but

Some People Do Not Care for this Smoking Hot Mother of Three Flaunting Her Goods

Maria Kang is a freelance writer/fitness blogger and she is proud of that fact that she is not out of shape after having three kids.

University of Vermont Bros Looking for ‘House MILF’ on Craigslist

Excellent Craigslist find right here from the dudes at The Daily Dot. According to a Casual Encounters post on the Burlington, Vermont Craigslist page, a

5 Reasons Why MILFs Are Awesome

You’ve all heard about it, if you don’t already know it personally: the MILF Phenomenon. The crazy insatiable obsession with older women that men are

Beyonce Has Super Short Hair Now. Is It Hot?

Perhaps taking a page from the Miley Cyrus short hair playbook, Beyonce just blasted this pics out on Instagram. We wouldn't be BroBible if we

Paula Deen Offered Job Doing MILF Porn

If its any consolation, the offer did leave the option of her not having to be naked.

Why You Need to Start Hunting Cougars

Much like a cougar attack in the wild, you’ll won’t see this coming. Likely it won’t be quite as sudden as

Kristin Cavallari: ‘Check Out My Hot Post-Pregnancy Ass’

Damnit, smoking Jay Culter. You are one lucky Bro... 

Florida State Student Has a Confession

Hey Bros, we still need more Spring Break-related hook up stories. If you are wondering "where the hell is the submission I already sent in"

7 Things A Cougar Will Tell You, and How to Best Respond

You look across the bar and there she is-- the always-alluring coug, eye-fucking the shit out of you. You turn back the other way and

Breaking: Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron’s Mom is Hot

You know which one she is. What a talented family.

A Bro Leaves a Fresh Batch on the Steps of the Louvre, Plus Another MILF Gets Stuffed

I know this column is a few days late but let's not sit here and point fingers like a bunch of assh*les. AND, before we

A Spring Break Orgy in Cancun, Plus Hot MILFs Make the Best Neighbors

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Should a Bro Date a Chick with a Kid, Plus Would You Rather Give Up Getting Head or Eating Cheese?

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Marisa Miller’s 60 Hottest Photos

Men, this is important: Yesterday former Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated cover girl Marisa Miller announced she's expecting her first child. The 33-year old

Using Viagra in Your Twenties and When Your Mom Catches You Whacking Off

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Banging Your Best Friend’s Mom and a Lax Bro Goes Hoggin’

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My Friend Slept With a Married Woman And Then Naturally Emailed Our Entire Crew

BroBible was founded on the fact that every Bro has a story, and while most of us are often too lazy to write our own,