This Kid Is Attempting To Get 500K Retweets So He Can Take His Friend’s MILF Of A Mom To Prom (UPDATE)


At time of publish, this kid -- who is attempting to score a date with his friend's hot mom to a fucking high school school dance -- has 72,000 retweets.


Christie Brinkley In A Bikini Once Again Proves She’s The Sexiest 60 Year-Old Ever


I don't know what kind of witchcraft Christie Brinkley practices, but I never thought that I would ever see a 60 year-old woman look as sexy as she's looked during in her 60th year on the planet.

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This Top 10 Movie MILFs Of All Time Video Brings Back Some Fond Memories


A couple of years ago the geniuses who brought us The Top 10 TV MILFs of All Time, WatchMojo, put together a list of the Top 10 Movie MILFs.

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This Top 10 TV MILFs Of All Time Video Helps Explain Why We Never Leave Our Couch


The word MILF doesn't get used nearly enough anymore so I'm glad to see that the ladies in this top 10 TV MILFs of all time video, and MILFs in general, are getting some long overdue love.


Redditors Are Having A Weird Battle Of ‘WHOSE MOM’S HOTTER?!’


Reddit is a weird place where one-upmanship is highly encouraged.


You’ll Never Believe How Hot Megan Fox Is Just Weeks After Having Her Second Kid


Megan Fox is a name you probably haven't thought about in a quite a while.

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