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Mila Kunis Has a Really Uncomfortable Way to Describe Her Post-Baby Vajayjay


Mila Kunis Admits to Ellen That She Eats Sauerkraut All Day Long

Pregnancy cravings are a strange phenomenon which I realize I'll never understand, but craving raw, plain sauerkraut is borderline irresponsible.

Bros…. BROS… Mila Kunis Is Knocked Up

Well... Here's news. Every Bro's supercrush Mila Kunis is also expecting a baby.

Mila Kunis Is Officially Off the Market, Engaged to Ashton Kutcher

Some terrible news to start your Friday, Bros.

Jim Beam Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter with Its Sexy New Spokeswomen

It's Mila Kunis, and I could watch her drink whiskey all day. 

A 7 GIF Tribute to Mila Kunis, the World’s ‘Most F*ckable Celebrity’

In a recent poll, readers of Details Magazine voted Mila Kunis as "the worlds most f*ckable celebrity." Can you blame them? In honor of this

The Guy Responsible for That Viral Mila Kunis Interview Explains Himself

If you haven't seen BBC Radio's interview with Mila Kunis yet, please do me a favor and just watch it right now. We'll be right

BBC’s Chris Stark Asks Mila Kunis Out Twice During Hilarious Interview

BBC Radio's Chris Stark recently drew the task of talking to Mila Kunis during her "Oz, the Great and Powerful" press tour. It was supposed

Darnell Docket Would Not Enjoy This Week’s Hottie Index

It’s OK for you and your friends to have differing opinions on women. In fact it might be even for the better to know they

Our Readers Are Left To Make Decisions in This Week’s Hottie Index

This should be a tough week for you readers to decide on the winner of the Hottie Index. Do you support a good looking woman