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Mike Tyson Hilariously Explains How To Have Sex In Prison

Iron Mike, shifting wombs even when he was behind bars.

Mike Tyson Fights Set to ‘Street Fighter’ Sound Effects is Magnificent

God Bless the Internet

Foot Locker’s Commercial Featuring an Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson Reunion Is Amazing

This is already on the Mt. Rushmore of sports commercials. Amazingly self-deprecating on everyone's part.

Read an Amazing Excerpt from Mike Tyson’s Memoir

"A lot of my friends from Brownsville wound up incarcerated in Otisville, which was not too far from Catskill. I had gone to school with

Mike Tyson Doesn’t Think He Could Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. In His Prime

Chris Spags from Guyism recently sat down with Mike Tyson to talk about his life and Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, which airs on HBO this Saturday. In the video portion

Hey Chris Brown, Mike Tyson Has Some Sage Advice For You

Best part of this interview, for me, has to be Tyson referring to Brown as "little guy." As a grown man, that is the last thing I would

The Trailer for ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,’ an Oral History of The Champ In His Own Words

A few weeks ago I lamented about how there's a generation of kids out there who only know Mike Tyson as a caricature of himself

An Amazing Compilation Of Mike Tyson’s Best Knockouts

It's kind of amazing that youngsters of a certain age probably don't even remember Mike Tyson for his boxing career. Rather, they know him as "that

Mike Tyson Throws Darts Blindfolded, Proves He Has Super Powers

In case you're not a regular viewer yet, Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild has a segment called "Celebrities Throwing Sharp Objects Blindfolded." This week, Mike Tyson

37 Awesome PIcs of Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Ohio Mansion

Once upon a time, Mike Tyson lived in Ohio and owned a 90s-fab mansion. It's now completely abandoned. The pics are pretty incredible... 

Mike Tyson Talks Struggles With Sobriety, Justin Bieber, and Head-Butting a Tiger on ‘Conan’

Mike Tyson is 20-days sober, although that hasn't seemed to make him any less interesting and we'd still give anything to be a fly on

Mike Tyson Reveals That He’s a ‘Vicious Alcoholic’

At a press conference following his promotional debut on Friday Night Fights, Mike Tyson told an assembled crowd of media members and bystanders that he is

Watching Mike Tyson Play ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out’ for the Very First Time is Stupefying

Prior to this moment below, Mike Tyson had never played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, one of the most iconic video games in history that is, you

7 Scandals or Moments in Sport Way Crazier Than Manti T’eo or Lance Armstrong

I have a confession to make. I don’t like sports. Relax, I’m not gay, a communist, or-God forbid, - a hipster.  I dominate rec-league basketball

Here’s Steve-O Telling an Amazing Story of Getting His Broken Nose Fixed by Mike Tyson

If you haven't had a chance to see the new TruTV show "Killer Karaoke," I highly recommend watching an episode. It'll simultaneously make you hate

Going to See Mike Tyson’s New Show? You Might Want to Reconsider

You might forget, with the songs about LeBron James and the cameos in "The Hangover," that in the not-so-distant past Mike Tyson was the scariest

Mike Tyson Talks Being a ‘Prostitute Hunter’ and His New Broadway Show

Mike Tyson, that serenader of LeBron James and Kevin Durant, is about to head to Broadway to star in a one-man show.

Mike Tyson Is Back with a Song About Kevin Durant

There was once a time, in the very recent past, when Mike Tyson was the most feared person on the planet.

In Which Mike Tyson Sings His New Song About LeBron James

Mike Tyson sucks something awful at singing but don't let stop you from listening to this song -- nay, power ballad -- that he wrote

What the Hell Did Mike Tyson Do Last Night?

Mike Tyson has been gone from the most ferocious boxer on the face of the earth to, well, this guy. Here he is

Mike Tyson Tells Conan O’Brien About the Time Brad Pitt Made His ‘Hard Stallion a Wet Noodle’

Mike Tyson appeared on Conan O'Brien on Tuesday evening, telling perhaps one of our favorite Tyson anedote to date: Back in the '80s,

Mike Tyson Gives Weird Interview During Last Night’s Knicks Game, Says ‘Sh*t’ on Live TV

The FCC just needs to toss "sh*t" into the pile of words you can say on all channels. B*tch, a**, and damn are

Listen and Enjoy this Song Composed Entirely of Mike Tyson Quotes

What if I told you that there was a song which the lyrics were only Mike Tyson quotes? Well there is, and it's

50 Cent, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather Spoof ‘The Hangover’ In This ‘Street King’ Commercial

50 Cent has a new charity/energy drink brand to help feed impoverished children in Africa. It's called "Street King" and proceeds from the

How Awesome Was Mike Tyson at The Charlie Sheen Roast Last Night?

Pretty shameful that we didn't get this up earlier this morning, but wanted to make sure everyone in the world gets a chance to watch

Steve-O Breaks His Nose By Running Into Mike Tyson’s Fist at the Roast of Charlie Sheen

Last night was The Roast of Charlie Sheen! Did you watch it? If you turned it off as the credits began to roll,

Chivalry Takes Top Honors in Our Bro of the Week

With the exception of DeShawn, it's honestly hard to rank these guys in any particular order. All of them were practically blood relatives of Rick

Funny Or Die Video: Mike Tyson Gives His Oscar Predictions (Sort of)

Back in his hay, no one was hated, feared, and more unwelcome around children than Iron Mike was. Baddest man on the f*ckin' planet. Mowed

Former Boxer Mike Tyson and Movie Star Sylvester Stallone Voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame

    ESPN is reporting that two people who brought my childhood great joy have just been voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame: Mike Tyson