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Mike Francesa Wants to Know If Any Soccer Players Kick With Both Legs

He asks the tough questions.

Mike Francesa Went on a Heated Rant Over Patrick Reed Laying Up on a Par 4 to Win the WGC-Cadillac Championship

"We all understand course management." - Mike Francesa

Earmuffs 1, Mike Francesa 0

It turns out King of All Media Mike Francesa is actually a fallible human being. America's most trusted opinion-maker struggled mightily with some earmuffs during yesterday's

A-Rod Gave a Must-Watch Interview to Mike Francesa Today

We're writing today about Mike Francesa, and it's not because he spilled his Diet Coke while hanging up on a caller amid cleaning up the gah-bage

1862 Mike Francesa is Amazing

Man, that Mike Francesa assimilates well to any situation. America’s top talking head kicked ass in 1776. Now he’s taking names in 1862.

Mike Francesa Made a Yuge, YUGE Threat Today

26,000 devoted fans follow the great Twitter parody account @MikeFrancesaNY and its nearly-accurate Francesa pronunciations of Joe Girardi (Georgia Roddy), Mark Teixeira (Mock Tecks Sherar), and R.A. Dickey (Arway Dickey). Now it's

I Can’t Stop Watching Mike Francesa Spill His Diet Coke

Today was a tough one for the Pope. The call-ahs, these call-ahs—they were frustrating Mike in a YUGE way. Jimmy from Rockaway even had the

Mike Francesa Breaks Six-Year Silence on ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song

Well, we knew it. We knew if Mike Francesa talked long enough, he’d eventually say something with which we agree. And it happened today.

1776 Mike Francesa is Amazing

The real Mike Francesca is probably a big fan of this video because he has an amazing sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too

The Jersey Sports Fan Thinks the ‘Sky is the LINit’

Although he didn't enjoy watching (or, rather, not watching) the Giants win the Super Bowl, the Jersey Sports Fan has seemed to come back from