Let This Fifth Grader’s Cringe-Worthy Journal Entry Remind You How Lame You Were In Middle School


Let's take a stroll down memory lane and remember what was cool back in middle school: 1.

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Rob Ford’s Middle School Picture is Vintage Rob Ford


Red face, high BMI, a grin that says, "me and this dude right below me just synchronized our farts.


Middle School Football Coach is Under Fire for Wanting to Host Team Party at Hooters


An Oregon middle school football coach is in some hot water (or should we say hot sauce) for his insatiable desire to host his team's end-of-season party at Hooters.


Middle School Dating Causes Dropping Out, Drug Use


A new study has confirmed what every middle school kid always thought: The sexually active kids in the grade are NOT going to turn out well.


Here’s a Video Reel of Seventh Grade Hoops Sensation Adrian Moore Crushing Dunks


This 6-foot-3 freak of nature from Arkansas is only 11 and he's already making it thunderclap middle school gymnasium rims.

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