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Police: Michigan WR Broke a Man’s Jaw in 3 Places With This Brutal Punch

Tough to watch.

As If You Needed More Reasons To Not Visit Michigan, Their Lakes Now Have Piranha-Like Fish That Eat Testicles

Because Detroit was such a draw in the first place.

Michigan Quarterback Shane Morris Threw a Hail Mary to Himself


Michigan Playoff Game Decided on Most Dramatic Buzzer-Beater Ever Captured on Film

Wait for it ...

Glenn Robinson III Crushes His Father’s Alma Mater With a Rim-Dancing Buzzer-Beater

Never a doubt.

Michigan’s Derrick Walton Makes Buzzer-Beater, Then Sinks Game-Winner

Michigan freshman guard Derrick Walton Jr. calmly knocked down a shot from behind the midcourt line to give his team a three-point halftime lead over

Another Michigan State Title Game Won Via Trick Play

Say what you want about my native state, but you must admit we’re not afraid to run a trick play in a big spot. In

Brady Hoke Enjoys a Very Full Plate

Brady Hoke hasn’t exactly been the answer to all of Michigan’s prayers. But let’s give credit where credit is due. The man can eat with

Trick Kick Return Leads to Michigan State Championship

Marine City (Mich.) used this clever kickoff play to defeat Grand Rapids South Christian and win the state championship. Classic misdirection.

Ohio State’s Marcus Hall Gives Michigan Fans Double Middle Fingers After Being Ejected For Fighting

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is turnt as hell and this year's game doesn't disappoint. In the first quarter a fight broke out when Michigan's Royce Jenkins-Stone

Drunk Driver Blames Incident on Michigan’s Terrible Offense

Michigan’s unimaginative and predictable offense is actually ruining people’s lives. One distraught Wolverines fan was so disillusioned by offensive coordinator Al Borges’ gameplan that he

Was Michigan’s President Drunk While Giving a Halftime Speech on Saturday?

At halftime of Michigan's loss to Nebraska Saturday afternoon, UM college president Mary Sue Coleman gave a short series of remarks on the field. She appeared

This Michigan Student Perfectly Captures Everyone’s Emotions About the Michigan-Indiana Game

If you watched Indiana-Michigan, you know just how much of a wacky, wild game it was. This girl -- spotted after a Michigan fumble in the

This Is How Drunk Penn State Was After a Four Overtime Win Against Michigan

 Hey! It's 12:35 and Michigan still sucks.  State College on Saturday night was just as awesome as State College always is after a huge Penn State win.

Uh, What The Hell Was Eminem Doing During the Half-Time of the Michigan-Notre Dame Game?

During the half-time of last night's Notre Dame-Michigan game, Eminem entered the broadcast booth with Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit. Eminem was clearly uncomfortable, making

Young Ohio State Bro Names Cancer ‘Michigan,’ Beats It

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry tends to bring out the worst in people, but in this specific instance, it brought about some good.

Michigan Footballs Are Made in the U.S.A., Not Ohio

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is intense. So intense, in fact, that neither school misses an opportunity to petulantly stick a finger into their hated rival’s

Suddenly Brimming With Infinite Confidence, Spike Albrecht Tweets Kate Upton

Spike Albrecht couldn’t miss last night. The Michigan reserve who averaged 1.8 points during the season dropped 17 first-half against Louisville in the national title

If You Went to Bed Before ‘One Shining Moment,’ Here’s What You Missed

That’s a wrap, Bros and Broettes. Hope you enjoyed this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Ben Brust Hits Miracle Heave, Helps Wisconsin Knock Off Michigan

If you’re a Wisconsin dude at the same party as Ben Brust tonight, you should probably just head home. You’ve got no chance. All the

Michigan Football Catfished Its Own Players

It was all a Hokes.

Jadeveon Clowney Monster Hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith Must Be Seen to Be Believed

One more highlight from South Carolina's dramatic victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Here's Jadeveon Clowney rocking Vincent Smith with one of the biggest hits

Dylan Thompson’s TD Pass to Bruce Ellington Gave South Carolina a Dramatic Outback Bowl Win

The Outback Bowl is just like the restaurant: No rules and just right. Well, for South Carolina fans. Michigan supporters are probably pretty miserable right

The Outback Bowl Officials Made One of the Worst Calls You’ll Ever See

Um, that is NOT a first down, Mr. Referee.

Michigan’s Nik Strauskas Puts On Eye-Popping Shooting Display in His Backyard

Nik Strauskas is a freshman phenom for the Michigan Wolverines. The sharp-shooting Canadian has made over 55 percent of his three-point attempts this year, so

What Do You Think of Michigan’s Bowl Game Uniform?

Maybe it’s the rabid Michigan State fan inside me, but these seem a little underwhelming.

Ohio State VP Sends Out Email Warning Students Not to Jump in Mirror Lake

Just dropped in the inbox from a tipster, the annual tradition unlike ANY other at Ohio State: A utterly worthless email telling students not to

Don’t Vote for Mitt Romney Because He’s a Michigan Fan, Says Ad in Ohio State Student Newspaper

Ohio democrats get it. They realize talking until they’re blue in the face about the policy differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will just

50 Photos From Our Tailgate at Notre Dame-Michigan

I honestly don’t know what to write about Notre Dame. In my 23 years, I have yet to experience a day as f*cking hectic, aweful,

Pre-Gaming with Pat Is Back!

Remember Pat Stansik's "Pregaming with Pat" series from last year? This year everyone's favorite 24-year-old Michigan Man is back on the mean gameday streets of

I’m Shmacked x University of Michigan, Welcome Week 2012

The guys from I'm Shmacked head back to Ann Arbor head back to do the damn thing right. Hail to the victors is right. Click

This Guy Really, Really Loves Denard Robinson

College football is so close to returning that we can taste it. And, God, it tastes delicious.

Oklahoma Boy, 5, Forced to Turn Michigan Shirt Inside-Out by School

This is incredibly stupid – and that’s coming from someone genetically compelled to hate the University of Michigan with the passion of a 1,000 suns.

Bobby Hurley Is Still Picking on the Fab Five

Remember last year's totally unbiased Fab Five doc executive produced by Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King? How Rose called Grant Hill

It Has Come to This: Student Sings His Way Off Michigan Waiting List

Waiting lists are egregiously dumb and if you're stuck on one, you're odds of getting in the school of your choice can be as low

Cornell Band Mocks Michigan By Playing Michigan State Fight Song

The Cornell band took an opportunity to troll Michigan during last night’s NCAA hockey tournament by playing Michigan State’s fight song. Big Red upset the

Michigan Man Arrested for Giving His Incarcerated Girlfriend the Gift of Watching Him M*sturbate

Here's the $100,000 question: If your girlfriend's incarcerated and it's Valentine's Day do you OR do you not drive to the jail house, park your

Denard Robinson’s Ex-Girlfriend Hacked Into His Twitter And Had Some Not So Nice Things to Say

Social media cautionary tale of the day, ladies and gentlemen. Michigan's senior quarterback, Denard "Shoelace" Robinson, had his Twitter "hacked" into by his ex-girlfriend, who

Two Grandmas Shotgunning Beers at University of Michigan Tailgate

Looking past the fact that they were shotgunning Michelob ULTRA's at this Michigan tailgate, these old broads can hang better than most chicks

Michigan Quarterback Denard Robinson’s 2011 Star Trek Themed Heisman Hype Video

I swear, I retain next-to-nothing. This job has made each story as disposable as the last. Case in point, I saw this and