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Painfully Jealous Michigan Students Vandalized Sparty After Repeated Athletic Embarrassments

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  Michigan State's Sparty statue was vandalized with disgusting maize and blue paint overnight.


Michigan Fan Keeps His Word, Gets Amazing Jim Harbaugh ‘Saved By The Bell’ Tattoo


Back in October, this Michigan fan didn't believe that there was a real chance Jim Harbaugh would become the next coach of the Wolverines and he sent out this tweet: The fan is referencing Harbaugh's bizarre guest appearance on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" in 1994.

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Dog Pees On Michigan Fire Hydrant, Is A Good/Bad Dog Depending On Your Rooting Interest


  Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine made news earlier this week by unveiling fire hydrants painted maize and blue.


Student Sneaks Teacher Pot Cookie—Instead Of Getting A High Five He’s Now Facing Ten Years In Prison


After giving his teacher a marijuana brownie, an 18-year-old student at Seaholm High School in Birmingham, Michigan is facing felony charges of food tampering carrying a sentence of 10-years in prison.


Cowboy Strips Down To Just His Hat And Boots, Takes Naked Walk On Snowy Highway In Detroit


The American Heritage Dictionary defines 'cowboy' as several things, one of them being 'an adventurous hero', and this cowboy strolling butt-naked down the I-75 Highway in Detroit is just that, an adventurous hero.

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Detroit Free Press Says JOHN Harbaugh To Michigan Seems Like A Lock


Michigan fans everywhere are hoping the speculation surrounding Jim Harbaugh's return to Michigan turns into reality today.

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Michigan’s Block M Vandalized With Green Paint Supporting Michigan State, Greatly Improved


  It has been three years and one week since Michigan last scored a touchdown against Michigan State.


Jon Gruden Will Be The Next University of Michigan Football Head Coach, Here’s The Proof


Super Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden will be the Michigan Wolverines' next Head Coach of Football, it's a fact.


Michigan’s Khalid Hill Lays Bone-Crushing Block On Notre Dame Player


Michigan tight end Khalid Hill laid a huge block on an unsuspecting Notre Dame defender in tonight's Michigzn vs Notre Dame game.

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