spike albrecht

Michigan’s Spike Albrecht Took A Pregame Beer Pong Shot Before Beating Ohio State


Spike Albrecht solidified his status as a major Bro when he came out of nowhere to score 17 first-half points in a national championship game and then hit up Kate Upton on Twitter.

college football

Michigan Is So Thirsty For Jim Harbaugh It Hurts


The winningest program in college football history has transformed into a desperate college freshman trying to sleep with someone in his humanities class and it's a little awkward.


Ohio State Needs To Get Jacked For A Game Against An Under .500 Michigan, So Students Are Doing This All Over Campus


I know, I know, any given Saturday, but come on -- Ohio State shouldn't need to get juiced up for an incoming Michigan team that's just praying for the season to end and an eventual head coach search.


Jon Gruden Will Be The Next University of Michigan Football Head Coach, Here’s The Proof


Super Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden will be the Michigan Wolverines' next Head Coach of Football, it's a fact.

college football

Listen To A Michigan Fan Lose His Mind Over The State Of The Wolverines’ Football Team


Brady Hoke's tenure at Michigan hasn't exactly been as rosy as Wolverines fans hoped.

Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan drops a ‘What The F-ck’ on his teammates


So things look pretty awful in Ann Arbor today.

t rex

Ohio State Marching Band Outdoes Self, Forms T-Rex and Eats Devin Gardner


Last week, the Ohio State Marching Band swept the internet by storm, performing a Michael Jackson tribute, complete with a giant moonwalking silhouette.

Michigan Wolverines

This Michigan Student Perfectly Captures Everyone’s Emotions About the Michigan-Indiana Game


If you watched Indiana-Michigan, you know just how much of a wacky, wild game it was.

Nik Stauskas

Michigan’s Nik Stauskas Hit 46-Straight Three-Pointers. Oh Yeah, and He Did It IN THE RAIN


Hitting just about anything 46 times in a row -- free throws, five-foot putts, the toilet bowl when the light's off and you're drunk -- is impressive, but nailing 46-straight three-pointers on an outdoor court, in the fucking rain has few equals.

National Championship

Did John Beilein’s epic brain fart cost Michigan a championship?


John Beilein's a great coach, one of the best in the nation.

Syracuse Orangemen

The Duke-ification of college basketball caused the Michigan-Syracuse ending


Michigan's Jordan Morgan was celebrated Saturday night for what many called a courageous play.

Wisconsin storms court

A Badger fan in a pink tutu stormed the court on Saturday


Storming the court was quite popular this weekend as four of the top five teams went down.


What Do You Think of Michigan’s Bowl Game Uniform?


Maybe it’s the rabid Michigan State fan inside me, but these seem a little underwhelming.

Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway, Jr. is just looking for a friend


There are high expectations for Wolverine basketball this year.

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