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NCAA Bans Mitch McGary One Year for Failing Marijuana Test, So He’ll Just Go to the NBA Instead


Ohio State Marching Band Outdoes Self, Forms T-Rex and Eats Devin Gardner

Last week, the Ohio State Marching Band swept the internet by storm, performing a Michael Jackson tribute, complete with a giant moonwalking silhouette. 

This Michigan Student Perfectly Captures Everyone’s Emotions About the Michigan-Indiana Game

If you watched Indiana-Michigan, you know just how much of a wacky, wild game it was. This girl -- spotted after a Michigan fumble in the

Michigan’s Nik Stauskas Hit 46-Straight Three-Pointers. Oh Yeah, and He Did It IN THE RAIN

Hitting just about anything 46 times in a row -- free throws, five-foot putts, the toilet bowl when the light's off and you're drunk --

Watch Indiana Break Michigan’s Heart and Win the Big 10 Title

That was fun.

What Do You Think of Michigan’s Bowl Game Uniform?

Maybe it’s the rabid Michigan State fan inside me, but these seem a little underwhelming.