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Jimmy Fallon And Michelle Obama Unloaded Part 2 Of ‘The Evolution Of Mom Dancing’ On The World Last Night

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It's always refreshing to see that Barack and Michelle Obama have nothing better to do with their time than going on talk shows or making viral videos with Jimmy Fallon.

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This Vine Of Michelle Obama Saying ‘Turn Up For What’ Proves The First Lady Still Gets Turnt


This Vine of Michelle Obama gettin' turnt in her First Lady ways making the rounds last night from the official White House Vine account.

Will Ferrell

Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell Dress In Full Drag During ‘Ew’ Skit With Michelle Obama


  Four days into his stint as the new host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is doing his best to let us all forget about Jay Leno's reign of unfunny terror.

Michelle Obama dunk

First Lady dunks on Dwyane Wade, provides best moment of Obama presidency


This is undoubtedly the best moment in First Lady history and perhaps the best moment of the Obama presidency.

Michelle Obama record

Michelle Obama is releasing a rap album?


Well, here's a first: First Lady Michelle Obama will be releasing a rap album next month as part of her Let’s Move.

What TV shows we should watch tonight

What TV shows we should watch tonight


A terribly slow night of TV but some solid potential matches at the U.

Michelle Obama

GIFterpiece Theatre: The greatest Jessica Biel GIF ever and Michelle Obama sneaks one past Spongebob


Welcome to GIFterpiece Theatre--Guyism's daily installment of the internet's best GIFs.

Olympics GIFs

2012 London Olympics: Photos, screencaps, GIFs


Over the next 16 days, we'll do our best to bring you wacky photos, screencaps and GIFs from the 2012 London Olympics.

President Obama kisses Michelle

President Obama one-ups Mitt Romney with kiss cam antics


When President Obama found himself on the kiss cam during the Brazil-USA game this evening, well, he went to town on Michelle.

The Voice

Who was the hottest woman on TV last night?


The Monday night TV schedule featured a myriad of beautiful woman.


Alex Ovechkin and Michelle Obama: Together at Last


We all know how much Ovie likes to cavort with models and post photos of his summer vacation conquests to his Twitter account.

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