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Michelle Jenneke Is Back and Bikini-er Than Ever

It's our favorite form.

Here’s an Instagram Pic of Michelle Jenneke Stuffing a Sausage In Her Face

The Internet's favorite track-and-field star recently had some fun with sausages on her Instagram.

The Most Crush-Worthy Women in Sports

If you are going to fall in love, this list is as good a place as any to start. And […]

Michelle Jenneke Wore a Bikini, Fell Off a Rope Swing

Australian track & field star Michelle Jenneke has lots going for her. She's a skilled athlete and is exceedingly pleasant to look at.

Hot Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Has an Epic Fail on a Talk Show

Just like the rest of the Internet, we fell in love with Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke when she warm-up danced her way into our hearts last summer. She

Horny Women’s Track and Field Cameraman is Very Serious About His Job

Women’s track and field has never gotten the attention it deserves. One lusty cameraman, however, will stop at nothing until it’s the biggest sport in

This Sweet Compilation Counts Down, Mashes the 50 Best Viral Videos from 2012

A compilation that'll bring you back. 

Michelle Jenneke Does the Famously Sexy Dance in New Video

Our friends at The Chive got together with Michelle Jenneke, the Australian hurdler who stole everyone's hearts this year, and made this funny video. Check

ZOMG: Michelle Jenneke Does the Internet’s Favorite Dances, Including the Dougie

Watch out, Kate Upton.

ZOMG: A New Video of Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Dancing

Allow me to do a slow Daniel Bryan YES! Chant: YES! YES! YES! YES! The good dudes over at Cosby Sweaters landed a huge upcoming

World’s Sexiest Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is Still Bouncing Around (GIF)

Michelle Jenneke, the Australian hurdler who gyrated her way into our hearts with her uber-sexy warm-up routine earlier this summer, is still hot. And she’s

Sports Links for July 31: The NBC Fail Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.