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Michael Sam Wrote a Touching Letter to the University of Missouri

As Michael Sam prepares for the NFL draft and a lot of professional uncertainty, he will be leaving behind the University of Missouri

Everyone Is Talking About Michael Sam’s Dick at the NFL Combine

Everyone = MediaTakeOut.com, home to the greatest internet click-bait headline of all time, and Deadspin, who posted this MediaTakeOut screencap with [...]

Michael Sam Dominated the Handbag Throw at the NFL Combine, Golfer Steve Elkington Reports


FEELS ALERT: Watch Michael Sam Get a Standing Ovation at a Missouri Basketball Game

Recently out NFL hopeful Michael Sam was on hand at Mizzou Arena as his team accepted the 2014 Cotton Bowl [...]

Dallas Sports Anchor ABSOLUTELY OWNS the NFL For Their Reaction To Michael Sam Issue

In the recently published Sports Illustrated piece about Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay, anonymous sources within the league said [...]

Kent State Wrestler Made Homophobic Tweets About Michael Sam, Immediately Deletes His Account

  Here we go… Sam Wheeler, a wrestler at Kent State University and early front runner for the Dipshit of [...]

Jon Stewart Teed Off On NFLers Who Aren’t Accepting of Michael Sam

That’s a great screen grab ( I know) and Stewart makes kind of a good point in this video — [...]

Why It Makes Sense That Michael Sam Came from Mizzou

When I was deciding between colleges, I narrowed my choices down to either Texas A&M or Mizzou. It’s funny because [...]

And So It Begins…Here’s a Video of Michael Sam Dancing Shirtless to ‘Rock With You’ at a Gay Bar in Missouri

We know what you’re thinking and we, too, are shocked that Missouri has gay bars. We’re not shocked that this [...]