michael phelps

Michael Phelps Arrested On DUI Charge


Michael Phelps was arrested by Maryland authorities on suspicion of driving under the influence early this morning.


Watch an Awesome 2001 Interview with a 15-Year-Old Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps was just a young'un when Redditor stevethenewsguy interviewed him as a local sports producer.

Steve Aoki

Watch Steve Aoki Teach Michael Phelps How to Do the Raver Cake Toss


Fact: No one can toss a cake in a raver's face better than Steve Aoki.

who is Michael Phelps dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Michael Phelps


So what does 22 Olympic medals do for a guy when it comes to dating the sexy and famous.


Pot Puffs cereal is Michael Phelps approved


Now that Phelps has officially retired from swimming, it's likely we won't see much of him outside of Subway commercials.

Michael Phelps girlfriend

Guyism Speed Round for August 7


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan discusses Michael Phelps' hot model girlfriend, Lil' Wayne's announcement that he's taking a break from music to pursue skateboarding, and more.

Usain Bolt

Sports Links for August 6: The Glenn Gronkowski Edition


Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

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