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So It Turns Out Michael Jackson Is Poo-Flinging Insane. Literally.

Meaning he threw poo at people.

Teen Dances to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ At Talent Show, Absolutely Kills It

This is the kind of talent you can fall back on.

Here’s Hologram Michael Jackson Performing at the Billboard Music Awards


A Holographic Michael Jackson Will Perform at Tonight’s Billboard Music Awards

Following in Tupac's footsteps.

There’s a New Michael Jackson Song and It Is a Love-Making JAM

This'll drop the panties.

Aaron Paul Shares Insane Story About Taking Tequila Shots with Michael Jackson

Aaron Paul, the Prince of Brunei, and Michael Jackson, together in a library ripping tequila shots.

Indiana Football Players Did the ‘Thriller’ Dance

Indiana took some time during yesterday’s practice to do the Thriller dance. Classic Halloween behavior.

Ohio State University’s Marching Band Performed A Giant, Amazing Moonwalk

This may be the best Michael Jackson tribute of all-time. 

Michael Jackson’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Should Totally Become a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

The head of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading team thinks Michael Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter, Paris, would be a great addition to the sidelines.

‘Bad 25’ Is the Most Important Music Documentary in Years

On the amazing new documentary “Bad 25,” Vincent Paterson, choreographer of Michael Jackson’s short film for “The Way You Make Me Feel,” tells a story

‘Thriller,’ the Best-Selling Album Ever, Came Out 30 Years Ago Today

Say what you want about the late King of Pop, but you’d be hard-pressed to find another album that packed such concentrated heat. That’s probably

This Is What You Don’t Do in Pisa, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Happy 54th birthday, Michael Jackson! Image via.

Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson Classic ‘Bad’

I bet dancing to Michael Jackson gets this walrus so much female walrus ass. It worked for my friend Bill back in high school, although

Watch This Kid Absolutely Kill MJ’s ‘Thriller’ Dance on the JumboTron at SafeCo Field

This Mariners fan tees up and knocks out a Grand Slam with a rendition of "The Thriller" dance on the Safeco Field JumboTron.