Fetishist Or Crime Gone Wild: Burglar Gets Sat On By 200-Pound Woman Until Police Arrive To Arrest Him


A burglary in South Florida lived out a dream that many fetishists have to pay a lot of money for: he was taken down and sat on by a 200-pound woman.

leonardo dicaprio

REPORT: Leonardo DiCaprio Leaves A Miami Club With 20 Girls To Party Back At His Place


I don't really understand the point of Art Basel other than it being an excuse for celebrities to go to Miami and one-up each other in the gossip blogs.


Stupid Crossfitters Destroyed The Coolest Court In College Basketball


Florida International University is home to one of the coolest basketball courts in the country.


Justin Bieber Arrested, Charged With DUI and Drag Racing


Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drag racing early this morning in Miami.

The Guyism Podcast

The Guyism Podcast – Miami, Babies, and the new Batman


Chris Spags (@chrisspags) and Ryan Jones (@kryanjones) discuss Chris's trip to Miami, National Hot Dog Day, Babies, the new Batman, and much more in the most ADD episode yet.

travel guides

10 Things Guys Should Know When Traveling to Miami


Given that we’re one day away from summer, it’s time to release our BroBible Travel Guides.


The 25 Best Mascots of the 2013 NCAA Tournament


Has there truly ever been a better time in your life then calling in sick from work or missing class to watch the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament.

University of Miami

University of Miami’s Julian Gamble Did A Lot of Videobombing During the ACC Tournament


Chris Bosh will not be happy when he sees that he's got some competition, living right under his nose in the 305, theatening his photobombing game.

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