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Miami Marlins Pitcher Dan Jennings Took a Wicked Line Drive to the Head

Tough to watch.

Cubs Fan, Marlins Fan Team Up to Create Delightful Moment of Human Kindness

People helping people.

Jose Fernandez Brought the Pump Fake to Baseball

Got heeeeeem.

Jose Fernandez’s First Home Run Cleared the Benches

Miami Marlins pitching phenom Jose Fernandez blasted his first career home run last night against Atlanta. He acted like someone who had just hit his

Two Miami Marlins Players Slide Into Same Base, Awkwardness Ensues

This is actually great baserunning, but since it’s the Marlins, everyone assumes it’s a goofy blooper.

Miami Marlins’ Alex Sanabia Takes the Spitball to a Whole New Level

In baseball, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. But one should be a little more clandestine in their rule-bending than Miami Marlins pitcher Alex

The Miami Marlins Want to Trade Their Entire Team to Toronto

OK, not their ENTIRE team, but at least all the good players not named Giancarlo Stanton. Good thing they got all that taxpayer money to

Miami Marlins Fire Manager Ozzie Guillen

The great Ozzie Guillen experiment in Miami is over. After a woeful 69-93 first season in South Beach, Marlins brass have decided to relieve the

Shockingly, Adam Greenberg Struck Out in His ‘One At-Bat’

Adam Greenberg, the baseball player whose only Major League at-bat saw him take a blazing fastball to the dome, got a chance to step into

Watch Austin Kearns Nearly Impale Photographer with Errant Bat

Surprised sh*t like this doesn't happen more often. Swinging a million miles an hour, the sheer fact ballplayers generally hold onto their bats is a

Giancarlo Stanton Breaks Marlins Scoreboard With Massive Grand Slam

A guy named Mike hits home runs. A guy named Giancarlo hits grand slams that conjure up memories of Roy Hobbs in “The Natural.”

‘The Franchise’ is Documenting the Miami Marlins, So You Know It’s Going to be Awesome

Showtime’s “The Franchise” is one of the most compelling sports programs I’ve ever seen. They capture moments the average fan usually doesn’t get

Omar Infante Brought the Miami Marlins Home Run Sculpture to Life

Miami Marlins second baseman Omar Infante blasted the first home-team home run in Marlins Park history this afternoon, setting in motion this monstrosity.

Miami Marlins Suspend Ozzie Guillen 5 Games for Fidel Castro Comments

The Miami Marlins have suspended manager Ozzie Guillen five games for comments he made to Time magazine praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The first-year skipper

Miami Marlins Will Celebrate Home Runs With Insane Mechanical Sculpture

The Miami Marlins have a new ballpark, name, manager, star shortstop, closer, and attitude. They also have what has to be the most

Miami Marlins Outfielders Petey and LoMo: An Ode to Justin Bieber

Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen want a piece of the Biebs. They want it bad. Bad enough to produce an entire video, and

Albert Pujols to Sign Monumental 10-Year $250 Million Contract with Angels

If Albert Pujols owes you money, now might be the time to collect your money.