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Woman Gets Caught With A Pound Of Meth In Her Vag, Immediately Claims ‘That’s Not Mine’

You mean that's NOT where meth is supposed to go?

These Kids Wound Up In The Hospital…After Being Possessed. By A Ouija Board. Seriously.

Only in Mexico.

Guy Tries To Pay His Cartel Debt With ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures, Is Immediately Murdered

I guess the guy was more of a Trekkie.

Miguel Herrera Turned In an Insane Celebration After Mexico Scored

The joy.

GAH! Luis Montes Breaking His Leg Is a Video You Don’t Want to Watch

No no no no no.

Amanda Bynes Posted Some Lovely Pictures of Her Butt Last Night

She's looking *good* again.

Teen Reportedly Injects Flesh-Eating Drug Into Genitals

Oh, kids. You never know what they will do next. 

‘MERICA: The United States Qualified for the World Cup By Beating Mexico

If you’re wondering why everyone was rioting in the streets singing patriotic songs and bleeding freedom overnight, it’s because the United States assured itself a

9 Last-Minute Spring Break Deals

I don't get off to Priceline deals or peruse travel magazines. I just have an uncanny ability to find spots where I'll easily be able

Mexican Drug Smugglers Now Using T-Shirt Cannons To Fire Soup Cans Full of Marijuana Over Border

Because unfortunately this shit isn't going to smuggle itself...

The United States Men’s Soccer Team Finally Beat Mexico in Mexico

The United States Men’s National Team had never won a match against its biggest rivals on Mexican soil in 75 years of trying (0-23-1) –

Authorities Found an Extremely Elaborate Drug Tunnel From Mexico to an Arizona Strip Mall

With four-star amenities like support beams, lights, air shafts, and a non-functioning sink, this sure as sh*t ain't your granddaddy's drug tunnel. I'd even go

Giovanni Dos Santos Scores Impossible Goal for Mexico

Mexico and Brazil got together for a friendly at Jerry Jones’ football cathedral yesterday and Giovanni Dos Santos singlehandedly changed everything we thought we knew

Fan Knocks Out Two Other Dudes at Mexico vs. Canada Soccer Match

As much as I'd love to speculate what took place prior to these two soccer fans getting knocked out, I can't. The majority

Watch This Frat Star Take a Bite Out of a Cactus on Spring Break In Cabo

Bro or not bro: You're in Cabo for spring break and a half a bottle of tequila deep at three in the afternoon.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Spring Break

Our pal Dom took his various talents down to Mexico for Spring Break. Check out the video below. 

Why Jose Cuervo Tequila is Like an Old High School Hook-Up

Tell me if this has happened to you. Back in high school, you hooked up with a little slam piece from class: There was some