drug drones

Meth Drones Are Your New Favorite Flying Drones


Drones carrying meth are our new favorite drones.


Guy Traveled To Mexico To Kill Himself, Had A Change Of Heart After Banging Hookers And Doing Tons Of Cocaine


Stories with suicidal beginnings can, in fact, have happy, life-affirming endings.


The Alleged Head Of The World’s Most Dangerous Hit Squad Is A Sexy Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like Who Twerks Like A Pro


There’s nothing I like more than a woman who’s hot as hell and who can also violently murder me at any time, then hide the evidence using her connections as an alleged world-renowned crime boss.

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus Might Be Going To Jail For Using A Mexican Flag As Butt Floss


Now before we begin, I think it’s important to introduce you to Miley’s new favorite style accessory: Yes, Miley is now the proud owner of a giant fake flesh-colored butt.

World Cup 2014

This Arjen Robben flop Vine is the clip that keeps on giving


Remember when the Netherlands came back to beat Mexico on a terrible flop in the box.

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