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A Pro-Marijuana Group Is Putting Up Some Excellent Billboards Outside MetLife Stadium This Week

The pro-marijuana legalization group Marijuana Policy Projecty bought billboard space outside of MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII and are putting up signage comparing the

Let’s Watch a Nicely Dressed Kate Upton Perform Victor Cruz’s Touchdown Dance at MetLife Stadium

Because it's a thing of beauty. 

The Jets Kicked Off Their Season with a 20-Point Win, Massive Brawl in MetLife Stadium

Damn it, Jets fans. You couldn't just be happy with a beautiful New York afternoon, the NFL's Opening Day, and a 20-point win over the

Let’s Watch a Giants Fan and a Patriots Fan Slug It Out In Gillette Stadium

Here's things getting heated in the stands of Sunday's Pats-Giants game. Dude in the black shirt gives the business.

The Requisite Jets-Cowboys Stun-Gun Brawl In the Nosebleeds at MetLife Stadium

That Jets-Cowboys game sure was great, right? Maybe not so much if you were in Section 324 of MetLife Stadium, where an irate

MetLife Insurance Buys New Meadowlands Stadium Naming Rights

The New Meadowlands Stadium, which has gone by its awkward plain-jane name since opening last fall, has finally found a major company to buy the